Where is Jakarta located?

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We offer you an article about where Jakarta is located, where it consists of five cities: Busat, Timor, Selatan, Uttara and Islands, as it is characterized by a high population that is adjacent to 12 million individuals, as it is one of the largest economic countries, it was named after “Batavia” after the war Where she did, and ended with the victory of the Netherlands, but after the end of World War II it was named Jakarta, and in Arab travelers I will present you with a topic on the Jakarta site.

Where is Jakarta located?

Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia, where it is located northwest of the island of Java, specifically at the mouth of the Leong River, where it is characterized by its large population, with an area of ​​661 square kilometers, and in the past it was called several names such as “Sunda Kelapa” and “Jayakarta”, as it depends The Sunda Kingdom is a commercial port for it.

Where is Jakarta located on the map?

Jakarta is located on the map between latitude -161 and longitude 106.85, with an altitude of 16 meters above sea level.

What is the language of Jakarta?

Its inhabitants speak more than 700 languages, but the Indonesian language is its primary language, as well as the spread of the English language in it.

Tourism in Jakarta

There are many tourist areas in Jakarta that tourists come from all over the world, and we will offer you the most prominent tourist places in it, as follows:

  • Soekarno Airport: It is an international airport for the city of Indonesia, as its name is named Sukarno Airport due to one of the Indonesian presidents and it is President Sukarno, as it is characterized by its beauty, and it has a number of cafes, restaurants and markets, in addition to providing many services to airlines.
  • National MonumentEstablished by Indonesian President Soekarno, it has a height of 137 meters, and is characterized by the fullness of its gold metal, and includes an elevator used by tourists to reach its summit.
  • Jalan Surabaya Market: It is a market selling antiques and statues that express the history of Indonesia.
  • Sea World Park: The number of animals has five thousand species of aquatic animals, as the tourist wears glass tubes in the water so that he can see the aquatic animals.
  • Istiqlal MosqueThe Istiqlal Mosque is considered one of the largest mosques, as it is of a large size, as many worshipers flock to it to perform the prayer in it.
  • Fantasy World Games CityThere are many interesting games, as there are games for every age, in addition to the presence of restaurants and markets that sell antiques.

Jakarta contains many tourist areas that make it a beautiful tourist site that attracts the interest of tourists to increase it and buy heritage artifacts from it.



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