Where is Katara located in Qatar?

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Katara neighborhood

Katara is located in the State of Qatar, and it is a neighborhood located in the city of Doha (the Qatari capital), and the main goal of its establishment is to promote cultural movements in the State of Qatar, in addition to supporting creative energies in the various buildings and facilities of the neighborhood, where all artists and intellectuals meet It is also a center that aims to stimulate artistic and cultural awareness by holding art exhibitions, festivals, concerts, seminars, and any form of art.

The origin of its name

The name “katara” is the oldest and first name used to refer to the Qatar Peninsula on historical or geographical maps, since the year (150 AD), and the evidence for this is that this name “Katara” first appeared in the geographical maps of “Claudius Ptolemy” in In the year (150 AD), and that was when it was issued in the year (1477 AD), then it appeared again in the Atlas of the History of Islam, where these maps determined the geographical location of the State of Qatar, and it was under the name (Catara), which is located in the southwest of the city of Jarrah, and in the west of The “Kadara” region, in addition to that it defined the peoples that lived in the Arabian Peninsula during the second century J AD.

As for the word “(Katara),” it appeared on the historical and geographical maps in the early eighteenth century AD, as the name (Katara) appeared instead of (Catara) on French maps describing the coast of the Arabian Peninsula, the Gulf and the sea, and the name “Katara” has been used officially since The release of Claudius Ptolemy’s map during the year 150 AD until the year 1738 AD.


Shakespeare Street is one of the most famous and famous streets of Katara, in addition to the presence of many famous restaurants such as: Al Cigar Restaurant, Jacklet Restaurant, the Egyptian restaurant “Khan Garouk”, the Indian restaurant “Saffron”, the Sugar Pasha Restaurant, and the Lebanese Armenian Restaurant “Mamec” and the Red Velvet Restaurant Among its most famous restaurants are Jabati and Karak, and Luzar Sea Food.

There is also in the neighborhood “Katara Beach”, which is a waterfront and contains an open theater, a visual arts center, a drama theater, a sniper association, a Katara hall, art studios, a cultural center for childhood, and we don’t forget the Qatar Orchestra and the Arab Stamp Museum, in addition to the Qatar Museums Authority In addition to Radio Voice of the Gulf, a film institution, a forum for international and Arab relations and the Katara Mosque.

His future goals

A plan was developed until the year 2030 AD to preserve the main goal of the existence of this neighborhood, which is to preserve the identity and Qatari cultural heritage, and strive to open a window for all, through which global cultures can be found, and to create a distinctive presence of Arab cultures in the global media and cultural circles.


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