Kazakhstan Qazaqstan or as it is called Kazakhstan means the homeland of the Liberals and the best evidence for this is that it is the home of the apparent king Rokn al-Din Baybars the great, its people speak the Turkish and Russian language and most of its residents condemn Islam, which makes tourism in Kazakhstan a favorite among tourists and especially Arabs.
The Republic of Kazakhstan is distinguished by its picturesque nature and its ancient civilizations. It has had the lion’s share of ancient history, and the best evidence for this is its archaeological features dating back to the ancient Middle Ages, as well as shrines beside recreational cities, ice skating and many others that attract tourists from everywhere in the world to enjoy the holiday in this country particulary.
If you ever decide to travel to Kazakhstan, we advise you to continue reading in the next report, to find out exactly where Kazakhstan is located.

Where is Kazakhstan located?

Where is Kazakhstan located on the map?

The independent Republic of Kazakhstan is located in the middle between the continent of Asia and Europe, specifically on the continent of Eurasia. Kazakhstan stretches from the Volga River from the west to the Altai Mountains in the east, while it is surrounded by the lowlands of West Siberia to the north and the Tianshan mountain range from the south.
Kazakhstan shares iron with the People’s Republic of China, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan as well as Russia and the capital of Kazakhstan is Nur Sultan (formerly Astana).
You can see the map shown below to find out exactly where Kazakhstan is located, according to Google Maps.

How to travel to Kazakhstan

Traveling to Kazakhstan requires an entry visa for all Arab visitors except for UAE nationals. They can enter Kazakhstan without a visa and stay for a whole month except for UAE citizens. The entry visa must be obtained by preparing the following documents and going to the embassy of Kazakhstan in their country:
A passport valid for at least six months, a copy of the passport, two personal photos, a request for a visa, a bank account statement for the last period, and a copy of the reservation of the place of residence in Kazakhstan.

Distances between the most important tourism cities in Kazakhstan

After we got to know in detail where Kazakhstan is located, we explain below the distance between the best tourist cities in the Republic of Kazakhstan, which you must visit all in order to enjoy your eyesight and beauty.

Where is Nur Sultan located from the Almaty?

The distance between the capital, Astana, and the city of Almaty is approximately 1261 km. You can rent a car to arrive, as your journey takes about 19 hours and 7 minutes, while the journey by plane from Astana Airport to Almaty Airport takes only an hour and 30 minutes.

How far is the matte from shymkent?

The distance from Shymkent is 681 km from Shymkent, and the flight time is estimated at about one hour and five minutes only, while the journey by car takes approximately 8 hours and 37 minutes, by following the path of the following map.

What is the distance between Aktau and Nur-Sultan

You can move between Aktau and Nur Sultan by renting a car in 39 hours, the distance between the two cities is about 2670 kilometers, while the flight takes two and a half hours as shown in the following Google Map.

Where is Kyzylorda located from Ural?

The distance between Kyzylorda and the city of Ural is approximately 1530 kilometers, which is approximately 20 hours and 55 minutes by car, or 15 and a half hours by plane, as shown in the following Google Map.

How far away from Sultan Sultan?

1344 km is the amount of distance between the capital, Nur Sultan and a model city. You can travel this distance in 21 hours and 41 minutes by following the path of the following map or book a flight for flight in just an hour and a half.

The distance between Almaty and Semipalatinsk

The distance between Simipalatinsk and the city of Almaty is approximately 1119 km, the plane flight takes approximately 1 and 45 minutes, while the drive journey takes 17 hours and 28 minutes via the path shown in the following Google Map.

Dear reader, we explained to you in this article where Kazakhstan is located specifically and the distance between the most important tourist cities in it as well as the best and most important group of its luxury hotels, and in case you want to know the best tourist attractions specifically in each of the wonderful cities of Kazakhstan, all you have to do is read our article on tourism in Kazakhstan .. Read more

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