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It is one of the states located in India, it is located on the Malabar coast, and it is bordered on the northeastern and northern sides of the state of Karnataka, and on the eastern and southern sides of Tamil Nadu, and on the western side is the Akkadweb Sea, and is restricted to the equator between the latitudes 8 ° 18 ′ and 12 ° 48.5 ° to the north, 74 ° 52.5 ° to 77 ° and 22 ° to the east, and the total area of ​​the area is thirty-eight thousand eight hundred and sixty-four square kilometers, and more than thirty-three million and four hundred thousand people live on it.

Its economy

The gross domestic product of the state is about twenty-five billion dollars, and in this figure it ranks first in the country, and depends in its economy on expatriates who work in foreign countries, especially the Gulf states, where the number of expatriates reached more than two and a half million people, and also depends on the transport sectors , Storage, communications, tourism, banking, insurance, real estate, manufacturing, construction, agriculture especially rice, tea, coffee, coconut, rubber, cashews, spices, peppers, cardamom, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg.

Miscellaneous information

Here is some varied information about Kerala:

  • the climate : The state is affected by a humid tropical and marine climate. The winter month is from June to December, and the annual temperature ranges between twenty-five to twenty-seven degrees Celsius, and the average rainfall in the region reaches about two thousand nine hundred thousand mm.
  • Administrative divisions: The state consists of fourteen regions divided into six administrative regions which are: northwestern India, southern Malabar, Kochi, North Travancore, Central Travancore, and South Travancore.
  • Transport: Roads in the state extend an estimated distance of one hundred and forty-five kilometers, which constitutes 4.2% of all roads in India, and contains national highways and local highways, and the Ministry of Public Works is responsible for the maintenance and expansion of the country’s highway system.
  • Railways: There is a railway in the state that connects with most of India’s main cities and towns, except for the upland areas of Idukki and Wiand.
  • Airports: There are three airports in the state, namely: Trivandrum International Airport, Cochin International, and Calicut International. A fourth airport is still under construction under the name of Kannur International Airport.
  • Debt: The state is a complex of different religions, and the Hindu religion is the most prevalent in the region, accounting for 54.73%, Muslims 26.56%, Christians 18.38%, and 0.32% have no religion.
  • Education: The state contains a large group of universities, schools, institutes, and centers such as the Indian Institute of Information Technology, Indian Institute of Education, Science and Research, Indian Institute of Management, Central Council for Secondary Education, and the National Institute for Expanding School Education.


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