Where is King Fahd’s Fountain located?

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King Fahad’s fountain

It is one of the tourist sites located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, specifically in the beaches of the city of Jeddah overlooking the Red Sea in the western shore of the Kingdom. This fountain is a gift to the city of Jeddah from the King of the Kingdom, King Fahd bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, and it was registered within the Guinness World Records Group as the highest fountain in the world of this type, as its height was recorded equal to 312 meters, while the weight of water pushed by the air equals 18 Tonnes at every moment. What excites in this fountain is that it can be seen in all places of the city of Jeddah without exception.

King Fahd’s Fountain Design

The fountain was designed in a form that closely resembles the censer, and this was intentional by the designers, to show the symbols of authenticity that the Arab region enjoys, especially the city of Jeddah. When this fountain was completed, the designer had many fears, but most of those fears for him were rust or erosion that might result from pumping sea water from them, and what the metal is exposed to through the continued exposure to salt water in addition to the air, so a work was done in its design Provided that sea water passes through filters and devices to purify the water from all the sand, dirt or any organic materials it can carry, and this purification is done completely, before the water reaches the pump and is pushed into the fountain.

Beginning of design

The King Fahd Fountain was designed according to the style of the fountain known as the (Geneva Fountain), and that was between 1980 AD and 1983 AD, when its length was not more than 140 meters, and the pumping of water there was no more than 124 miles per hour, except That this design and this length did not satisfy the planners to build this fountain. It is worth noting that in the month of Wednesday of the seventeenth of February, in 2010, a leap was considered historic, by the 35-year-old Lawrence’s relics, who jumped along the King Fahd Fountain in Jeddah Corniche, and it is reported that this The hero is from the global skydiving team (Red Bull Air Force).

Lighting of King Fahd’s Fountain

The King Fahd Fountain contains many light searchlights that reach more than 500 scouts, with very high lighting, and was designed to withstand the continuous fall of water that weighs thousands of tons from hundreds of meters high, and these lights were installed in a high technical manner; It was placed over islands specially designed for this task.


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