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Kuwait Towers are three giant towers located on the coast of the Arabian Gulf in the eastern region of Kuwait City, opposite the Dasman Al-Amir Palace, established in 1975 and officially opened in the month of March of 1979. It was implemented by a Yugoslav company with a distinctive and attractive shape that made it one of the most prominent Contemporary civilizational features of the State of Kuwait, and a sign of its sophistication and progress.

Due to the high craftsmanship in its establishment, Kuwait Towers was able to mix social services with high aesthetic art, which met in one huge building, which made it win the Aga Khan Award for Islamic Architecture in 1980, and those working in the towers used the mechanism to turn off the lights in the thirty-first month of December 2001, The end of the year in which Kuwait was the capital of Arab culture.

The athlete “Ali Al-Aidan” sought to break the record in ascending the stairs of the tower in record time, and he was able to do so by climbing forty-five floors in four minutes and thirty seconds, and that was in 2006, as Kuwait celebrated its international rally in front of the towers in 2009.

Landmarks and divisions of the Zodiac

The Kuwait Tower contains three high-rise towers: the largest tower, which contains two balls to denote the “evaporator”, and there is the middle tower that consists of one ball, which indicates the “sprinkler”, and there is the last tower, which is the smallest and denotes the “kohl”, and the ball includes The first includes restaurants, cafes and halls for visitors, and the second ball includes two fixed and mobile sections, and the mobile section is characterized by rotating once every thirty minutes, and it contains a gift market in addition to a restaurant in which it provides most varieties of drinks and simple meals for customers, and this section has a telescope that enables visitors Sightseeing Kuwait and the surrounding area of ​​the towers, Dasman Palace and the Green Island.

The effects of the Iraqi invasion on Kuwait Towers

Kuwait Towers were damaged in 1991 due to the Iraqi invasion, and its losses were estimated at about two million Kuwaiti dinars, as it destroyed nearly 70% of the assets of the towers, which consisted of cutting electrical cables, breaking the entire glass and burning the drawers, and also destroyed the internal technical equipment and devices and damaged its water networks, but a country Kuwait later restored the towers after the end of the Iraq-Kuwait war and opened the towers again after their complete overhaul in December 1992 by the Tourism Projects Company that started to re-coloring and dyeing the towers from abroad, in addition to restoring them from the inside with a complete replacement of the pieces. Furniture and decorations and gardening, while providing damaged appliances, tools and equipment.

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