Where is Laos located?

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Laos is a landlocked tropical region, located in the southeast of Asia on the Indochina Peninsula, its terrain consists of dense forests and mountains covering nearly (70%) of its area, with a total area of ​​Laos approximately (236,800) square kilometers, and bordered on the northern side of China, On the eastern side, Vietnam and Burma, and on the western side, Thailand and the Mekong River. It is bordered by Cambodia’s southern side.
Laos is officially called the “Lao People’s Democratic Republic”, with its capital “Vientan” and its largest city. Among the most important rivers is the Mekong River, which crosses from north to south, and has a length of about (1000) square kilometers, which is the main artery of the country and its main energy source, as well as a means of transportation for the population.

Laos was a colony by France and became independent from it in the year (1954 AD), then it became a constitutional monarchy state, then it became a communist republic governed by one party, and its population is approximately (6) million people divided into several races estimated at about (68) ethnicities, and different customs and traditions differ Each race from the other.

Its system of government

The system of government in Laos is a republican communist socialist, and it is governed and controlled by a single party, the Revolutionary People’s Party, and Shomali Saignason is considered the president of the republic and the party’s general secretary. And it has a parliament called (the Lao National Assembly) and the number of its members is about (115) members, and it is renewed every (5) years.

Its history

The history of Laos dates back to (10,000) years ago, where it was revealed through excavations of some stone tools, some structures, and human skulls that confirm the ancient history of this region, as the Lao people are among the first users of iron in the manufacture of living tools.

Its ancient kingdoms

Lan Xang

It is the country of a million elephants, where the history of Laos dates back to this kingdom founded by King Fangon who left Cambodia, and wars took place between it and Vietnam in the period (1478-1479 AD) and war with Burma during the period (1571-1621 AD), then it was divided into three Kingdoms in 1707 (Luang Prabang, Champasak, and Vientiane).

Champasak Kingdom

This kingdom in the south of Laos continued from (1707-1946), and after the kingdom of Lan Xang split from the Champasak kingdom, it flourished during the eighteenth century, then weakened and was annexed to the French colonialism that annexed it to Laos.

The Kingdom of Luang Prabang

This kingdom continued from (1707 AD – 1949 AD), where it was formed after the disintegration of the Lan Axang and was under royal rule and was weak and paid tribute to Burma and Siam, and in the year 1893 and fell under French colonialism.

Vientiane Kingdom

This kingdom existed between the years (1707 AD – 1828 AD), as it was under the tutelage of Burma until 1778 and is now the capital of Laos.

Colonial period

At the end of the nineteenth century AD, after the attack and destruction of the Black Flag Army of the Kingdom of “Luang Frabang”, the Kingdom was annexed to the French colonies of Indochina, then Champasak joined colonialism and granted Vientiane a special rule as a colony of France being important to it.
Before (1940), only 400 French citizens lived in Laos, where they fell under Japanese occupation during World War II for a short period, then they became independent from it in 1945 after Japan was defeated by war. Then the region returned under French colonial rule in 1950, and Laos remained As a country belonging to the French Federation until 1954.


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