Where is Liverpool?

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It is one of the cities on the European continent, located in the state of Merseyside, which is located in Britain, and is located in the northwestern part of the English capital, London, and is also located on the Gulf of Liverpool from the Irish Sea, and the city is separated from the Earl Peninsula through the mouth of Mercy, and the city is bordered by many The districts and small towns are bounded on the southern side by the towns of Labotel, Crosby, and Magle, and on the north side are the towns of Sefton, and from the eastern side, the towns of Kirkby, Heaton, Prescott, Halewood, and Nuzle, and the city coordinates are between 53 ° and 24. 5 ° North, 2 ° 59.5 ° Batja West, this city was built on a series of hills that reaches a height of seventy meters above sea level.

city ​​Council

The city is ruled by a mayor elected by the citizens. This election takes place once every four years. The mayor is responsible for operating the city council, which includes members representing the local communities throughout the city. The council is responsible for checking the decisions of the mayor, setting Budgeting, setting the general policy for the city, and the job of the mayor is to communicate the voice of the city at the national and international levels, build investor confidence, and direct resources to economic priorities. The city is divided into thirty administrative divisions for election purposes, namely: Allerton, Liverpool, and Hassan Fa Li, Central District, Shieldwell, Church, Climbmore, Greenbank, Crooksteth, Everton, Vaakirli, Kensington, Crickdale, Mosley Hill, Green Norris, Old Swan, Picton, Princes Park, Riverbank, St. Michaels, Beck Garston, Stonycroft, StoneCroft, StoneCroft, StoneRecraft, Stonycroft, Stonecroft, Wiftery, Walton.

Its economy

Liverpool is one of the largest economies in the United Kingdom, and the economy dominates the industry, services, and tourism sectors. The city provides about 60% of the city’s total job opportunities in the sectors of public administration, education, health, banking services, finance, insurance, and the media And life sciences, and the city is one of the most visited areas in the United Kingdom, attracting more than one hundred million tourists from all over the world throughout the year, due to its prominent features such as the waterfront, the commercial area, the cultural quarter, and the Victoria Gardens.


The city relies primarily on railways as a means of transportation, and contains two rail networks, which are linked with the towns and main cities in England, and is the first stop in the country and known as Lime Street, which transports passengers from the city to London, Birmingham, and Newcastle Upon Tyne, Manchester, Preston, Leeds, Scarborough, Sheffield, Nottingham and Norwich, the city contains the Liverpool Sea Transport Port, John Air Transport Airport, and many buses that are serviced by Merseyside Executive Transport.


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