Lombok island is one of the islands that bear the elements of beauty and surprise, as it includes a number of places of nature that capture the hearts with their breathtaking beauty, as it contains the most beautiful beaches and green mountains inside, which made it one of the most important places of tourism in Indonesia, which is visited by a large number of tourists every year.
If you want to experience the travel to Lombok island, visit the amazing places and move between its wonderful beaches, you must first know where Lombok is located? How far is it from other major tourism cities in Indonesia, and this is what we would like to tell you in the next article.

Where is Lombok located?

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Lombok is not only a tourist city, but it is one of the most beautiful islands of Indonesia, which has made it a shrine and a refuge for nature lovers.

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Where is Lombok located?

Lombok is located in Nusa Tqara Province, western Indonesia, separated from the island of Bali from the west by the Lombok Strait, and the Strait of Alas is located between it and Sumbawa in the east, and the diameter of the island is approximately 70 km, and an area of ​​4,725 km 2.
You can read the following map to get a clearer understanding of Lombok.

Where is Lombok from Jakarta?

Jakarta city is about 1317 km from Lombok, which equals 25 hours travel by car. You can also complete your journey from Halim Pradata Kusuma Airport in Jakarta to arrive in an hour and 45 minutes.

Lombok is far from Bandung

The distance between Lombok and Bandung is about 1316 km, equivalent to 23 hours and 52 minutes by car. It is also possible to travel faster by airlines from Bandung to reach within an hour and 50 minutes.

Where is Lombok from Bali

The distance from Lombok to Bali is approximately 210 km, and the attached map can be viewed to see the fastest route.

How far is Lombok from Denpasar

The distance between Lombok and Denpasar is 151 km, approximately 5 hours and 13 minutes drive by car along the fastest route shown to you on the attached map.

How far from Lombok to Batu?

The distance from Lombok to Batu is approximately 556 km, which is approximately 15 hours and 48 minutes. Travel by car is the fastest route shown to you. It is possible to take off from Juanda International Airport to travel the distance in just 55 minutes.

After we know together where Lombok is located, you can prepare to spend a fun time between the famous islands and picturesque attractions. If you love climbing and surfing, you will be happy with the time on Mount Rinjani and Gili Islands. Here is more about tourism in Lombok through the following article .. Read more

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