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Madain Saleh

The city of Salih is considered an archeological city, and it is one of the witnessing areas of the Nabataean civilization that existed in Jordan, and the civilized role in it rose during the first centuries BC and the first century AD, and that period was very prosperous, except that in the year 106 AD this ancient civilization was conquered by The Romen Empire, and this city contained many rock facades and Islamic monuments, and this region is characterized by its flat plain, located on the foot of a basaltic plateau formed in the Hijaz Mountains, specifically in the southeastern region of it, and the region is characterized by a desert nature, and its containment On the ground water depth of up to 20 meters in the western region, the western and northern of the cities.

Madaen Saleh mentioned in the Qur’an

In 2000 BC, God Almighty sent the Prophet Saleh to the people of Thamud to invite them to worship him, and they are people who had been blessed by God for their well-being, and they enjoyed many aspects of civilization and urbanism, but they were unjust to God’s blessings on them, and they were settling in the city of Al-Hajar. A people of Thamud asked the Prophet Saleh to come up with a miracle to prove that he was a prophet from God, so God sent them a camel, and the Prophet Saleh asked them not to harm or subject them to them, but they did not follow what they were commanded and killed, so God punished them for showing them to follow his orders. Madain Saleh is also believed to be named after the Prophet Saleh.

Madain Saleh website

Madain Saleh, or as it was known since ancient times in the name of Al-Hajar, is one of the archaeological sites that are located in the northwestern part of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and it belongs administratively to Medina, and Madain Saleh is located in the northeastern part of the city of Al-Ula, 22 kilometers away, and from the northern side The western city of Medina is 400 kilometers away, and from the southeastern side of the Nabatean city of Petra, which is located in the south of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, it is confined to latitude 47 and 26 to the north, and longitude 53 and 37 to the east, and these cities link the southern regions of the Arabian Peninsula With Mesopotamia, the Levant, and Egypt, and this indicates the importance of its strategic location.

historical location

Among the most important archaeological sites of Madain Saleh:

  • Al-Mahjar Mountain Tombs: This area is located in the northern part of the Qasr al-Bint burials near the Nabati well, and it consists of three rock forms, fourteen of which were carved in the Nabataeans. The first contains six burials, the second contains five, and the last contains three.
  • Al-Bint Palace Tombs: These burials are located in the western part of the mountain of Athlib, which is two mountains; the first contains thirty-one burials and is located from the northern part and extends to the southern part, while the other contains only two burials which is a small mountain.
  • The red cemetery: This region is located in the southwestern part of the Qasr al-Bint burial, and contains two forms of rock; the first contains nineteen burials, while the other contains one.
  • Al-Sanea Palace: This palace is located in the southern part of the cities, and contains two forms of rock. In the western part of the rock forms there is the Al-Sanea Palace. It contains a facade in the upper part of which there are terraces, and there is a cornice in the lower part of it, and contains two beams, and there are In between them is a separator bar.

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