Where is Madeira Island located

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Madeira Island

The Portuguese island of Madeira is a large archipelago made up of several islands located in the north Atlantic Ocean and northwest of the continent of Africa, which is an island of the state of Portugal, and its capital is Funchal. The geographical location of Madeira Island is located twenty-five kilometers from the African coast, while it is located a thousand kilometers from Europe, and the lands of this country are nothing but a series of volcanic islands dating back to the Miocene era more than twenty million years ago.

Information about it

The general climate of Madeira Island is the climate of the Mediterranean Sea, and Madeira Island has been known from the Romans since ancient times, but the Portuguese navigators rediscovered it in the year one thousand four hundred and nineteen. ”

The official language of the country is Portuguese, in addition to the few who speak Asturian. As for the population aspect, the country is inhabited by more than two hundred and forty-five thousand people, most of whom are concentrated in the southern coast of the island in the capital Funchal, while the official religion, the majority of the population embraces Catholic Christianity, but there is a percentage of Muslims who immigrated to it from Egypt, Uzbekistan, and Morocco And Bangladesh, and others, and the number of Muslims there is only a thousand Muslims, and there is a mosque in the capital for Muslims as well.

Its economy

The economy of the island is based on tourism in general, due to its Mediterranean climate, and the most important tourists who arrived on this island are the Austrian Empress Cisse, Charles I and Winston Churchill. It also depends on agriculture, especially grapes and wine making, and the cultivation of tropical fruits such as manga, papaya and pineapple, in addition to coffee, sugar cane and coconuts.

After a state of great tourism stagnation that suffered from Madeira Island, it was able, with the beauty of its picturesque nature, to attract many tourists, especially married people, to spend their honeymoon in them, especially those who prefer diving, fishing, and practicing many marine sports on the shores of this wonderful island, which is characterized by With its white sand, it offers beautiful yacht charter service at a very attractive price.

Also, its mild climate throughout the year was the reason for calling it the permanent spring island, which is a wonderful place for those who love the spring season and enjoy the beauty of nature covered with the most beautiful yellow flowers. And he established an airport in it that was the worst in Portugal, until the pilots objected to this, until the airport was modernized to become one of the most beautiful, modern and developed airports in the country.


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