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Maghna Castle

Maghouna Fortress, or it is also known as a fortified castle, it is a small mountain town, the first stones of which were laid in about the first third of the twentieth century. This castle is located in the southeast of the Kingdom of Morocco, where it belongs to the region of Tangeriye, as it is near the Valley of Mekkoun, and this castle is away from the city of Ouarzazate approximately ninety kilometers to the eastern side of it. It is mentioned that it was named after a mountain near it called Jabal Makoun, which is about four kilometers in height, and this castle is famous for cultivating beautiful roses.

This city is famous on the international level with the many reeds, which spread on the bank of the river known as the Dades River. It is also famous for its high-quality products of roses. A special festival for roses is held in certain seasons. The word component is from the Amazigh words, which means the fetus, who is still lying in his mother’s womb.

The majority of the residents of Maghouna Castle are Berbers, with the exception of a few honorable scholars, in addition to the Alevis, and the residents engage in certain activities, including agriculture and trade, and roses that are produced in this region are used to produce cosmetic materials, in addition to rose water, as the residents produce This region has other agricultural crops, including: nuts, almonds, figs, and other products for self-sufficiency, including: apples, olives, grapes, and apricots. The residents of this region were known for their high morals, good hospitality, and honoring all those who came to them, whether they were expatriates or strangers.

The Kingdom of Morocco

It is noteworthy that the Kingdom of Morocco is one of the most important and most beautiful Arab countries at all, as it is one of the Arab countries with a rich heritage, beautiful heritage, and picturesque nature, and the location of this country is a distinctive strategy; it is located in the far northwestern part of the African continent, and overlooks It has two most important bodies of water: the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean. To the eastern side of the Kingdom of Morocco lies Algeria, to the south is Mauritania, and to the north is Spain, which separates from Morocco through a narrow strip of the Mediterranean Sea, and from here Morocco is greatly distinguished by its high importance, which resulted mainly from this site, and there are several Important cities are famous in Morocco, most notably: Fes, Marrakech, Rabat, Tangier, Wazzan, among others.

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