Manchester is considered one of the most famous British cities due to its ancient history and great culture. It was also classified as the first industrial city in the world as it contains many factories in various fields.
The climate of Manchester is characterized by moderation in the summer, and cold in the winter, and works to attract many tourists from all over the world because of its famous tourist attractions, as the buildings in the city are distinguished by the elegant architectural style, so there is no doubt that Manchester is one of the most important tourism cities in England

How far is Manchester from London

Best Manchester hotels

Manchester embraces many places for comfortable stay, including many hotels and resorts in addition to luxury hotel apartments, and if you are a fan of Manchester United and Manchester City you will definitely come to this charming city, so we presented an impressive package of the best hotels in England in Manchester that won the admiration of visitors The Arabs .. Read more

Where is Manchester?

Where is Manchester located on the map?

Manchester is located in the northwestern side of England, and the city overlooks the central river on the River Erole, with a total area of ​​about 115.6 square kilometers, and is considered one of the largest cities densely populated compared to other cities.
It is bordered on the north and east by the city of Penins, on the south side by the Cheshire Plain, Liverpool is located on the northeastern side, and Sheffield on the northwest.
Find out below where Manchester is located on Google Maps:

The distance between Manchester and the most important cities of England

We have finished knowing Manchester where it is located and we have now moved to the nearest British cities from Manchester, according to what Google Maps shows, as we will show the distance traveled between each of the two cities, and the time it will take in the middle of the car or public transport buses or plane.

Where is Manchester from Liverpool?

The distance between Manchester and Liverpool is 34.3 miles, and can be reached by two means, the first by public transport buses that takes about 34 minutes, and the second by car, which takes about one hour.

Where is Manchester from Leeds located?

The distance between Manchester and Leeds is about 44.8 miles, and when moving by public transport buses it takes about 46 minutes, and when moving by car it arrives within an hour and 7 minutes.

Where is Manchester from Birmingham?

The distance between the city of Manchester and the city of Birmingham is about 86.4 miles, and is reached by public transport buses within two hours and 28 minutes, and by car within an hour and 49 minutes.

Where is Manchester from Oxford?

The distance between Manchester and Oxford is 161 miles, and when the car is used, the time takes about 3 hours and 5 minutes, and if public transport buses are taken, it takes two hours and 46 minutes.

Manchester is far from London

How far is Manchester from London by train? The distance from London to Manchester by train is about two hours and 7 minutes, and you can use the plane for faster access as the time between the two cities takes about one hour, and the distance between London and Manchester by car is 4 hours and 4 minutes.

Where is Manchester from Brighton located?

The distance between Manchester and Brighton is 259 miles, and when a car is rented, it arrives within 4 hours and 45 minutes, and when public transport buses are boarded it arrives within 5 hours and 52 minutes.

This concludes our report, where we clarified the location of the city of Manchester on the map and a variety of cities near it. To learn more information about the places of tourism in Manchester, you can click on the following link .. Read more

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