Where is Marmaris located? How far is it between Marmaris and Antalya? How much is the distance between Bodrum and Marmaris? One of the most important questions that come to the minds of many valued visitors wishing to tourism in Marmaris, Turkey. In our report, we will answer a large group of the most important questions that we have received about the Turkish city of Marmaris, after we learn together some interesting information about it.
Marmaris is distinguished by its magnificent strategic location on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, and by the beautiful natural beauty, in addition to the mild climate, which made it one of the most important poles of tourism in Turkey, the paradise of the earth.
One of the most popular tourist areas in Marmaris is the Icmeler Beach, or the golden beach is also called for its serenity of golden water and sand.
It is not advised to travel to Marmaris specifically in the summer, when the temperatures are high and approximately 40 degrees Celsius, so the most appropriate time to travel to Marmaris is in the winter where the weather is nice.

Where is Marmaris located in Turkey

Best hotels in Marmaris

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Where is Marmaris located?

Where is Marmaris located on the map:

Marmaris is located in Mugla Province, in the southwestern side of Turkey, on the coast of one of the Mediterranean branches, which is known as the Aegean Sea, which made it include one of the most important commercial ports in Turkey.
To find out the location of Marmaris on the map of Turkey specifically, you can see the following map:

The most important cities near Marmaris:

After we got acquainted with you on the Marmaris website and some information about it, let us now know the answers to some common questions about its relationship with some Turkish cities, and from those questions Marmaris Turkey is how far is it from Istanbul? How far is Marmaris from Antalya?

How far is Marmaris from Istanbul?

The distance between Istanbul and Marmaris is about 723 km, according to Google Maps.
How to go from Istanbul to Marmaris: The distance between Marmaris and Istanbul can be covered by renting a car in Istanbul and starting on a journey that takes about 9 hours to approximately one third. It is also possible to travel by bus in about 12 hours or by plane in about three and a half hours.
Check the following map to know Marmaris, how far it is from Istanbul and the way between them:

How far is Bodrum to Marmaris?

The distance between Marmaris and Bodrum is about 110 km, and this distance can be covered by car or taxi in two and a third hours, and the bus can be reached in three and a half hours.

How far is Antalya from Marmaris?

The city of Antalya is located in the southwestern side of Turkey. The distance between Antalya and Marmaris is 316 km. This distance can be covered by road or taxi in four hours and 25 minutes, or by bus in six hours and one third.

How far is Dalaman from Marmaris?

The distance between Dalaman and Marmaris is approximately 86 km, approximately an hour and a quarter drive. The distance from Dalaman Airport to Marmaris is exactly 95 km and can be covered in an hour and a third by car, as shown in the map below.

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