Mashhad or Tous is one of the most important attractions of tourism in Iran, an incubator of the most famous historical and archaeological attractions that attract a large number of tourists every year to spend a fun time between the arms of charming nature, gardens and parks, as well as ancient religious buildings such as the Mosque of Gohar Al-Rashad, the sanctuary of Imam Reza, in addition to Multiple leisure activities.
If you want a unique travel experience and a visit to the ancient monuments of Mashhad, you must first know where Mashhad is located and what are the distances between it and other major tourism cities, here are more in the following lines.

Where is Mashhad located?

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Mashhad City

Where is Mashhad located?

The scenery of the Far Khorasan region is located near ancient Tous, and is bordered on the north by the city of Kalat Nader and on the northeastern city of Turkmenistan, and is located at an altitude of 985 meters from the top of the sea and is surrounded by the city of Herat from the east and from the western side by the city of Nishapur, and bordered to the south by the city of Freeman.

Where is the scenery from Tabriz located?

Tabriz is located in the northwest of the country, about 1520 km from Mashhad, approximately 16 hours and 3 minutes by car, but you can reach it faster via Iranian Airlines from Tabriz Airport to reach within two hours.

How far is Mashhad from Isfahan

You can travel the distance between the two cities within 1 hour and 30 minutes via flights from Shahid Beheshti International Airport, and flying is the easiest and fastest way to travel between the two cities.

Where is Mashhad located from Tehran?

Tehran, the capital, is 899 km from the city of Mashhad, which is approximately 10 hours if you travel by car, but if you want to take off from Mashhad Airport, you will arrive within 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Where is the scenery from Shiraz located?

The distance between the two cities is estimated at 1384 km, which is equivalent to 14 hour and 50 minutes’ car travel. In the case of travel by means of flights from Mashhad Airport, you will arrive faster in 1 hour and 35 minutes.

How far is Mashhad from Ahwaz

The city of Ahvaz is located in southwestern Iran, and away from Mashhad, according to Google Maps estimates, is about 1627 km. In the case of traveling in your own car, the distance will be covered in 17 hours and 26 minutes. hour.

How much distance between Mashhad and more

The distance from the city of Mashhad to Yazd is estimated at about 906 km, i.e. approximately 10 hours and 10 minutes travel by car, and it can arrive faster by flying from the international airports, and it will arrive in an hour and 15 minutes.

After you know where the tourist kiss scene is located for foreigners and Arabs, and how far is it between it and the most important tourist cities in Iran, you should know the historical and religious monuments and monuments that are located in the city through your visit to the following link .. Read more

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