Where is Mauritius located?

المسافرون العرب

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Mauritius Island is a country in one of the islands of the Indian Ocean, located 2000 kilometers from the opposite side of the southeast coast of the African continent, and 560 kilometers from the eastern side of Rodrigues, the Agalega Islands and the St. Brandon Archipelago, and 172 kilometers from Reunion From the southwestern side, which forms a part of the Mascarine Islands, the country has a total area of ​​2040 square kilometers, and Port Louis is the official capital of the country and its largest city, and its population reaches approximately one and a half million people, and the Ruby of Mauritius is the official currency of the country.

History of Mauritius Island

The first historical evidence for the existence of the island, which is now known as Mauritius, dates from a map of the italyn Alberto Cantino in 1502. It was known at the time during the Middle Ages as Dina Arobi and it was named by the Arab sailors, as they are the first people to visit the island. In 1507, the Portuguese sailors visited the island that was uninhabited, and they named it Cirne, and the last Portuguese sailor visited the island is Dom Pedro Mascarenhas and named it Mascarenes.

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During the year 1598, a delegation of the Dutch led by Admiral Wieband van Wrake came and called it the island of Mauritius, in honor of Prince Maurice van Nassau, and later the island became one of the French colonies and its name was the island of France, and on December 3 of 1810 the French surrendered after the wars Napoleon to British rule, and was restored to the name of Mauritius, and this island ranks 180th in terms of area over the countries of the world.

The climate in Mauritius

The environment in Mauritius is usually tropical, especially in coastal areas with forests in mountainous areas, and it contains seasonal hurricanes that destroy the plant and vital revolution, although divine care gives it an opportunity to get rid of this phenomenon quickly, and this country has the second rank in terms of quality index The air issued by the World Health Organization in 2011, and the country has two seasons. The first summer is wet and hot and runs from November to April, and the average temperature is around 24.7 ° C, and the difference between the temperatures between seasons reaches four d. Gat is only 100%, and the winter is relatively cold and dry from June to September and the average temperature is 20.4, and January and February are the hottest months with an average of 29.2 ° C, and the months of July, and August are relatively cooler with an average temperature of 16.4 degrees. The annual rainfall ranges from 900 mm on the coast to 1500 mm on the central plateau.

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