Where is Melbourne located?

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Melbourne is the capital of the Australian state of Victoria, and the city ranks second in terms of population after the city of Sydney with a population of more than four million six hundred thousand people. The city was founded by British settlers, and was known at the time as New South Wales.

After the passage of two years it has been called by its current name, which is the name of the Governor of the Viscount Region of Melbourne, and it is currently considered one of the best areas on the surface of the earth to live in. The thirty largest cities in the world in terms of the global financial centers index.

Its location

The city is located in the southeastern part of the continent of Australia, and it is located between Mount Martha and Cranborne. The city is bordered to the east by Yara Valley, the jungle valleys, Money Creek Creek from the north, and from the western side Gippsland, and from the south to the Dandenong Creek, and the coordinates are limited to The city is between 37 ° 48′49 north, and 144 ° 57′47 ″ east. The total area of ​​the city is nine thousand ninety nine square kilometers.

Its economy

The city has a very diversified economy, and the city relies on finance, manufacturing, research, information technology, education, logistics, transportation, tourism, and many petrochemical industries, pharmaceuticals, clothing, paper making, and food industries, and the city is the seat of many major companies , And many bodies and institutions such as the Australian Business Council, the Australian Trade Union Council, and the home of several major banks in the country such as NAB and ANZ.

Teach her

Melbourne is home to many universities that are frequented by many people from all over the world, and is ranked fourth in terms of university cities after London, Britain, Boston, and Japan, and now contains seven universities: Melbourne, Monash, Royal Melbourne, RMIT, and Deakin And Trope, Swinburne Technology, and Victoria, these universities are among the best universities in the world, and provide the best programs for university education, and occupy the first positions in many areas such as accounting, communications, media studies, computer science, and computer systems. Blame and medical specialties, however, studying in these universities is very expensive, and grants from many organizations can be obtained for the distinguished.

the health

The city contains more than thirty public hospitals, thirteen health services organizations, and numerous neurology and biotechnology centers such as the St. Vincent Institute’s Institute of Medical Research, the Stem Cell Center, the Burnet Institute, the Institute of Regenerative Medicine, the Victoria Institute of Chemical Sciences, the Institute for Brain Research, and the Center Peter McCallum Cancer, Walter and Elisa Institute for Medical Research, and Melbourne Neuropsychiatric Center.


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