Where is Mersin located? How far is Mersin from Istanbul? How far is Mersin from Antalya? Among the most prominent questions that come to the minds of everyone who thought and planned to visit this multicultural Turkish city, between classical, modern and scenic nature, Mersin dances to the tones of operatic music to paint a great tourist art painting whose tools are tourism in Mersin.
During the article, we will explain to you in detail where Mersin is located and its location from Turkey, in addition to its location among its important tourist cities.

Where is Mersin located?

Best hotels in Mersin

The charming coastal city includes the best hotels in Turkey at all, as well as huge hotel buildings that overlook the sea coast and hills and reveal the most important tourist attractions in Mersin, characterized by stunning views as well as the best services and facilities, and we have compiled for you a list of the best hotels and resorts you can see .. read more

Where is Mersin located and how far is it from Istanbul

Where is Mersin located?

Mersin is a province, capital, and port all bearing the same name and they are distinguished by their location on the Mediterranean coast in southern Turkey, and it is the tenth largest Turkish city in terms of population density and has the longest coast in it.
You can view the Google map below to find out exactly where Mersin is located.

The most important cities near Mersin

Mersin is surrounded by a number of the main tourist cities in Turkey, such as Istanbul, Antalya and others, so we will present to you during the following lines where Mersin is located between these cities and how you can cut the distance between them and the city center.

How far is Mersin from Istanbul?

The distance between Mersin and Istanbul is approximately 942.6 km, i.e. 10 hours, except a quarter of road travel: E90 / D750, O-4. You can travel the distance between Istanbul and Mersin directly by train or bus trips.
You can also reach from Mersin to Istanbul through an hour and a quarter bus trip from Mersin to Adana and then a flight from Adana Airport to one of the three Istanbul airports which are Ataturk Airport, New Istanbul Airport, Sabiha Airport.

How far is Mersin from Antalya? Istanbul

The distance between Antalya and Mersin is approximately 482 km, which means 7 hours of travel via the D400 / Mersin – Antalya Yolu Road.
Or 7 hours and 20 minutes of travel via the D350
Or 7 and a half hours travel through Adana Konya Yolo Road.
You can travel the distance between Antalya and Mersin on a train or bus trip.

Mersin includes many tourist attractions that attract the attention of thousands of tourists around the world, such as the Ataturk Museum, Meritem Tower, Opera House, the city center, the old quarter, and you can learn more tourist attractions in Mersin by reading the following article .. Read more

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