Where is Miami located?

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City of Miami

The city of Miami, called the city of magic, is one of the cities in the United States of America, northeastern Florida, with an area of ​​13,986 square kilometers, and eleven feet above the sea, which is approximately 3.5 meters, and the population of the city is approximately four million people, and constitute The city is an important center in the entire region from an economic and cultural point of view. It is a city famous for trade, entertainment and tourism. It is a pioneer in all areas of life, especially in the educational field. In 2009, a ranking was issued in the list of the richest American cities, and Miami ranked first.

Miami Population

The population of the city of Miami is divided into three main categories in terms of the origins of its population: the first category is Hispanic and Mexican (Hispanic) with a percentage of 67%, and the second category is the black population with a percentage of 22%, and the third category is the Native American and their proportion is approximately 11% And there are minorities that migrate from other groups and races, and to this day they have not been accurately and realistically counted.

The importance of the city of Miami

There are two small rivers in Miami, in addition to its water resources from groundwater and rain water, and it is a very beautiful atmosphere, which gave it a great place in the tourist aspect and the sale of tourist products; summer, the bike temperature does not exceed 30 degrees Celsius, and in winter it does not fall below 20 degrees Celsius .

The city of Miami is an important center in America for the economy, culture, education, and local and international trade, which generates billions for the city and the state treasury from this coastal city, and in Miami there are many reserves for animals, birds and plants, the most famous of which is the Miami Bird Sanctuary and the Miami Butterfly Reserve, and the city of Miami is distinguished from other Tourist cities with butterflies of tropical origin that hover over the tourists in the tourist areas exquisitely and take.

Events in Miami

One of the most important events that took place in the city was that armed criminal gangs fabricated problems and acts of violence against tourists in the city in the 1990s, which caused a significant decline in tourism in Miami after this incident for many years to come, and in another strange incident, the police forces launched an American criminal after They found him eating another American citizen and he did not stop eating until after he was seriously wounded by gunshot. One of the beautiful events that took place in the city years ago was to completely cover the city with soap foam, which gave it a wonderful and attractive scene that cannot be missed.


Information about the city and the countryside

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