Milan is the second largest italyn city in terms of population, contains a group of the most prominent tourist attractions in Italy, including the Sforzesco Castle, the famous shopping center Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, in addition to the charming views of the city from the charming mountains and green landscapes, in addition to the recreational activities that enjoy it Milan is like the great parks and theme parks that Arab visitors come to spend their holidays.
If you want to travel to Milan you must first know where the city of Milan is on the map and how far it is from the most important tourist cities in Italy, and this is what we will review in detail in the following lines.

Milan, where are you located?

Top hotels in Milan

Before we get to know where Milan is, we must get to know the best hotels in it, as Milan owns a distinguished series of high-end hotels and resorts that enjoy a view of the important parks and landmarks, and provides guests with the most luxurious rooms designed in a special style and suites that contain all means of comfort, and while Next, we learn about the best hotels in Italy in Milan, based on reviews of previous Arab visitors. Read more

Where is the city of Milan located?

Where is Milan located on the map?

Below, we know exactly where Milan is located on Google Map.

Milan is located from Naples

The distance between Milan and the city of Naples is about 764 km, which is approximately 8 hours and 35 minutes. Travel by car, but in case you want to arrive quickly you can take off from Nablus International Airport to arrive in an hour and 20 minutes.

Where is Milan located from Florence?

The distance between the two cities reaches about 305 kilometers, according to Google Maps estimates, and you can pass that distance by car to reach in 3 hours and 44 minutes.

Where is Milan located from Genoa?

The distance between the city of Genoa and Milan is calculated at 145 km, and it can be reached by traveling in your own car, arriving in two hours and 3 minutes only ..

The distance between Milan and Rome

The distance is calculated in km, approximately 573 km, it is possible to travel by car via the fastest route shown on the map to reach in 6 hours and 9 minutes, and it is also possible to take off from Rome Airport to Milan so that you can arrive within an hour and 10 minutes only.

Where is Milan located from Como?

The distance between Como and Milan is about 50.5 km, i.e. approximately one hour and 3 minutes by car, and the public transportation can be used to travel the distance in an hour and two minutes.

Where is the city of Milan located from the Vatican

The distance between the Vatican City and Milan is about 577 km, which is equivalent to 6 hours and 24 minutes travel by car, and can be reached faster by plane from Rome to arrive in an hour and 10 minutes.

Milan is located from Pescara

The distance between the two cities is calculated in km by 579 km. If you wish to travel by car, you will arrive within 5 hours 52 minutes, and within 1 hour and 5 minutes can be reached by plane from Abruzzo International Airport.

How far is it from Milan to Ancona?

Milan is 441 km from Ancona, which equates to 4 hours and 34 minutes if you drive by car. It is also possible to take off from Ancona Airport to complete your journey easily in 3 hours and 10 minutes.

The city of Milan is a wonderful city and a pioneer in tourism and fine arts. It attracts many Arab visitors from visiting historical monuments such as the Braira Art Museum, the Royal Palace of Milan, and other tourist attractions. In Milan by reading the following article .. Read more

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