The city of Montreux is one of the most magnificent tourist destinations in Switzerland, which will make you spend your vacation with mental clarity and great physical comfort, as the Alps embrace the dense clouds, creating breathtaking landscapes of magnificent beauty.
This city comes to tourists on all days of the year where it is covered with snow during the winter season and becomes a sparkling glow, attracting multi-sports lovers such as skiing and mountain climbing.
And when it’s summer, the lakes in Montreux become a delightful haven for water sports enthusiasts like diving, swimming, surfing, and colorful fishing.
Where is Montreux located?

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Where is Montreux located?

Where is Montreux located on the map?

Montreux is located in the western side of the State of Switzerland, and is located on the coast of Lake Geneva from the northeast, which is a city belonging to the Swiss province of Vevey, and is famous for concerts of cheerful jazz tunes.
This city has obtained high ranks as one of the most beautiful tourist cities in the world, as it attracts many celebrities to attend the many annual parties and festivals that are held in theaters and some gardens and parks.
You can view the following map below to know the location of the city of Montreux, according to what Google Maps released:

Cities near to Montreux

The city of Montreux is the unique city in the tourism field, where all leisure activities are available. We will answer everything that is on your mind about the most important cities located near the city of Montreux, and the distances between them, as well as we will learn together the time taken when moving between each two cities by means of different means of transportation.

Where is Montreux from Friborg?

The distance between the city of Montreux and the city of Friborg is about 61.4 km, and an angel car can be rented as the distance takes about 42 minutes and this is the fastest route, but when using public buses the distance takes about an hour and 15 minutes.

Where is Montreux from Sion

The difference between the city of Montreux and the city of Sion is about 67.2 km, and this distance takes about 44 minutes by public transport buses, and 49 minutes when using an angel car.

Where is Montreux from Bern?

The distance between the city of Montreux and the city of Bern is about 88.6 km. It arrives in an hour and 3 minutes when the car is used, and within an hour and 37 minutes when the public buses are used.

Where is Montreux from Geneva?

The distance between Montreux and the city of Geneva is about 93.2 km, and it takes about an hour and a minute when riding public trains, and an hour and 15 minutes when renting an angel car.

Where is Montreux from Interlaken?

The distance between the city of Montreux and the city of Interlaken is about 148 kilometers, and this distance takes about an hour and 8 minutes by car, and the length of time reaches up to two hours and 52 minutes when using public trains.

Where is Montreux from Thun?

The distance between Montreux and the city of Thun is about 120 kilometers, with a time duration of about one hour and 28 minutes when an angel’s car is rented, and two hours and 10 minutes when public transit buses are taken.

Where is Montreux from Zurich?

The distance between Montreux and Zurich is approximately 208 kilometers, with the distance between them approximately 2 hours 17 minutes by car, two hours and 40 minutes by train.

Thus, we have provided you with the most important information sufficient on the location of the city of Montreux on the map and the most important cities near it.
Therefore, we decided to collect the most important tourist attractions in a comprehensive report in order to give you a helping hand in making the decision to travel to Montreux in detail. See the report through the following tab .. Read more

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