Morocco is one of the most important Arab tourist regions thanks to its long history, its ancient sites and archaeological sites, which were not without a colonial imprint, and its charming natural monuments, along with the striking cultural and civilizational heritage, which makes it an ideal destination for an authentic oriental holiday.
The most important question when thinking about travel and tourism in Morocco remains, where is Morocco located specifically on the world map and where are the largest tourist cities of Morocco from each other? This is exactly what our report answers today.

Where is Morocco located?

Best hotels in Morocco

Morocco includes a series of the finest hotels and accommodation units in the Arab countries, which are characterized by an authentic Arab oriental character that does not lack European elegance and luxury, especially the usual French, and to know the best hotels that you can stay in when traveling to Morocco according to visitors’ evaluation of the level of services and facilities, you can visit the following link. . read more

Where is Morocco located?

Where is Morocco located on the world map?

Morocco is an African Arab country located in the northwestern part of the continent, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea to the north and the Atlantic Ocean to the west with the Strait of Gibraltar in the middle.
As for its land borders, Morocco is located to the west of Algeria, north to Mauritania, and the maritime borders are faced by 3 Spanish islands on the other side of the coast, which are Melilla, Ceuta and a Comoran rock.
To find out where Morocco is located and its most important cities with more specificity, you can see a map of Moroccan cities through the Google Map app:

Where is Morocco located and how can you travel to it

After we knew where Morocco is located on the map of the world and among the most important Arab countries, it remains for us to know how we can travel to it.
Morocco grants permission to enter its territory to some citizens of Arab countries and the European Union without obtaining a visa, only by using an identity card for a period of no more than 3 months in the case of individual travel or for a period covered by the validity of the passport in the case of organized group cohorts.
In case of wanting to renew the length of stay in the country, it is necessary to refer to the Moroccan National Security Department.
As for citizens of countries that require the issuance of a visa before entering Moroccan territory, it is necessary to go to the Moroccan embassy in the country of residence and to collect the documents required to obtain a visa.

The distance between the largest cities in Morocco

Morocco includes a number of the most important Arab archaeological, natural and recreational tourist areas that attract a large number of tourists annually.
If Morocco is your next tourist destination, you can follow the following lines that deal with distances and routes of arrival between the cities of northern Morocco to the far south.

Where is Rabat from Casablanca?

Rabat, on the map of Morocco’s cities, is located approximately 86.9 km from Casablanca, equivalent to an hour and one minute driving via Highway 1.

Where is Fez located from Meknes?

The city of Fez is 64.3 km from the Moroccan city of Meknes, which equates to driving for 56 minutes on Highway 2.
Or a distance of 65.1 km, equivalent to an hour’s drive 10 minutes across the I and 6 lane.

Where is Tangier from Chefchaouen located?

Tangier is 113 km from Chefchaouen, the equivalent of 2-hour and 3-minute driving via Track 2, and route 2/13

Where is Agadir located from Marrakech?

Marrakech is 258 km from Agadir, which is the equivalent of 3-hour and 8-minute drive via Highway 7.
Or 337 km equivalent to driving for 4 hours 12 minutes via Highway 7 and Track R201
It is also possible to travel for only 45 minutes by pilots of Marrakech, Morocco – Agadir, Morocco, one trip per week.

Where is Tetouan located from Ifrane?

Tetouan is 352 km from Ifrane, the equivalent of 5-hour and 36-minute driving via R413
Or 430 km is equivalent to driving for 5 hours and 30 minutes via the 1,2 highway.
It is also possible to limit the distance between the two cities by flying for 45 minutes from Tangier to Fes, or vice versa via Royal Air Maroc, which provides a non-stop weekly flight.

Where is Al Hoceima from Quneitra?

Quneitra is 462 km from Al Hoceima, the equivalent of 6-hour and 6-minute drive via Highway 2, or 6 hours and 35 minutes via Highway 1.16.

If you still have some questions, questions about where is Morocco located or how to travel to? You can write your inquiry in the comments box below to answer it as soon as possible, and to find out the most beautiful places of tourism in Morocco, you can follow us on our website by reading the following link … Read more

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