The city of Mumbai is called the Hollywood of India, where it has famous tourist attractions that made it one of the most important tourism cities in India and is considered the largest Indian city by area, and it enjoys one of the strongest commercial, cultural and economic centers in the world.
It has recently seen a huge development boom in all areas that greatly increased the level of the economy in India, and it was called the city of Bombay until 1995 AD, its name was changed to Mumbai.
And when you intend to travel to Mumbai, you must know its geographical location specifically on the map in order to know how to move there, and you should also know the nearest tourist cities to it.

Where is Mumbai located

Best hotels in Mumbai

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Where is Mumbai located on the map?

Mumbai is located on the western side of the Indian coast, and this city was formed at the docking of seven islands, which is the capital of the Indian state of Maharashtra, and contains an important port called the Seven Volcanic Islands.
Its climate is characterized by a seasonal tropical climate that enjoys high temperatures on most days of the year, and the population speaks the Marshi language, which is the official language of the state of India, and contains many banks and government agencies, and is characterized by cinematography.
You can see the location of the city of Mumbai on the following map as issued by Google Maps:

The most important cities near Mumbai

The city of Mumbai is a leading city in the sky of India, which possesses countless tourist places and interesting attractions for millions of tourists. We will list the closest tourist cities to the city of Mumbai that enjoys a lot of enjoyable leisure activities.

Where is Mumbai from Thane located?

The distance between the city of Mumbai and the city of Thane is about 23.1 km, and the estimated time between them is about 27 minutes by public transport buses, and 35 minutes when renting an angel car.

Where is Mumbai from Kalyan located?

The distance between Mumbai and Kalyan is approximately 42.9 km, and the distance between them is about 43 minutes when using public transportation, and an hour and 7 minutes when using the car.

Where is the city of Mumbai located from the city of Rasayani

The distance between the city of Mumbai and the city of Rasayani is about 49.4 km, and when moving by car it takes about an hour and 23 minutes, but when using public transportation the distance takes about an hour and 39 minutes.

Where is Mumbai from Madap located?

The distance between the city of Mumbai and the city of Madap is about 62.1 km, and the length of time that took between them was estimated at about one hour and 37 minutes when renting an angel car, and this is the fastest path between them.

Where is Mumbai located from Lonavala city?

The distance between Mumbai and Lonavala is about 83.8 km. It can be reached within an hour and 35 minutes when using the car. This period lasts for two hours and 5 minutes when using public trains.

Where is Mumbai from Kamchette located

The distance between the city of Mumbai and the city of Camchette is about 102 km, and the time taken between them is estimated to be about an hour and 55 minutes when using the car, but this time will extend to 3 hours and 11 minutes when taking public buses.

Where is Mumbai from Pune located?

The distance between the city of Mumbai and the city of Pune is about 150 kilometers, where it takes about two hours and 28 minutes by public transport, and two hours and 41 minutes by car, and it should be noted that there are transit costs in this path.

With this, we have finished displaying your comprehensive guide to the nearest cities of Mumbai and its location on the map. We now move to the most important tourist attractions in Mumbai such as Elephanta Caves, Prince of Wales Museum, Siddevinayak Temple, Kamala Nehru Park, so the city is distinguished by its wide fame and its great position as it attracts millions of visitors Annually, learn about the best places of tourism in Mumbai through the next tab … Read more

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