Muscat is one of the most important tourism destinations in Oman, being the capital of the country, characterized by golden beaches and sandy hills. Perhaps what is striking in Muscat is full of amalgamation between the ancient civilizational heritage and the modern nature, so you can see the old houses and markets that smell of history and see the streets and buildings with design A modern urbanist that preserves Oman’s historical and cultural prestige and gives it a spirit of modernity.
If you are one of those planning to go to Muscat to visit its tourist attractions and historical places, then you must know where Muscat is and how far it is between it and other tourism cities, and this is what we will cover in detail in the following lines.

Where is Muscat located?

Top hotels in Muscat

Muscat is not a city with a tourist attraction that many tourists flock to every year only. It also includes a series of the best hotels in the Sultanate of Oman and resorts with wonderful views of the heart of the city. In order to get to know the best hotels in Muscat and the opinions and opinions of Arab visitors, you must visit the following link .. Read more

Where is Muscat located?

Where is Muscat located?

Muscat is located on the Sea of ​​Oman, it is confined between both the Gulf of Oman and the Hajar Mountains, and it is formerly called Masked, as it is one of the most populous cities in the Sultanate, in addition to being the focus of attention and financial and business center of the country, with a population of about 150,000 people, and an area estimated at about 3500 km2.

The most important cities near Muscat

In order to be familiar with all the cities near Muscat and enjoy a tourist tour between the cities of Oman tourist, we will show you in the following lines the cities near Muscat and the best ways to reach between cities and each of them and how long they take this time and this will be shown by the attached maps.

Where is Muscat from Salalah located?

The distance in km is about 1018 km, i.e. approximately 9 hours and 23 minutes travel by private car, and the distance can be traveled via airlines within an hour and 35 minutes from Muscat International Airport.

How far is Muscat from Nizwa?

The distance from Muscat to Nizwa in km is approximately 160 km, equivalent to an hour and 41 minutes traveling by car via the fastest route 15 as shown on the map.

How much is the distance between Muscat and Tire

The distance from Muscat to Tire is estimated at 201 km, which is approximately two hours and 12 minutes. It is possible to travel by car via the fastest route of 17 normal traffic.

The distance between Muscat and Sohar

The distance from Muscat to Sohar is approximately 210 km, which equates to two-hour and 14-minute drive travel via Track 1 Al Batinah Road to your destination in Muscat.

Where is Muscat from the state of Khasab located?

The distance from Muscat to the state of Khasab is about 539 km, and it is possible to travel by car to reach within 6 hours and 6 minutes, and to complete your flight via airlines from Muscat International Airport you will arrive in an hour and 5 minutes only.

Muscat city, where it is located from Muttrah

The distance between Muscat and Muttrah was estimated at 18.5 km, which is equivalent to 22-minute drive travel, through the fastest path of Muttrah Al-Olaya Street and between Al-Falaj to Highlands Street.

The distance between Muscat and Haima

The distance from Muscat to Haima is approximately 527 km, which is approximately 4 hours 55 minutes by car traveling via Track 31 and Track 15.

The distance between Muscat and Barka

The distance between Muscat and Barka Governorate, according to Google estimates, reached about 70.8 km, which is approximately 48 minutes. It is possible to travel by car through the Muscat Highway towards Ghala Street in Muscat and then exit from the Muscat Highway. For more information, you can view the attached map.

Muscat is a city full of historical and archaeological monuments and recreational activities that a large number of all European countries flock to visit these tourist attractions such as Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, Beit Al-Zubair, Qasr al-Alam and other highlights of tourist attractions. To learn more about these attractions, visit this link .. read more

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