Where is Naif Market located?

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Dubai is one of the most famous Arab cities in terms of tourist destination from all parts of the world, where Dubai is characterized by civilized progress that has become comparable to London and Paris in its activity and crowded population and its global commercial markets, and among the noise and crowding of famous towers and commercial complexes, the visitor finds space to return it to the fragrant of the East Through its old and famous markets with an ancient nature and a civilized nature, and one of the most famous markets of Dubai is the Naif market.

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Nayef Market is located in the Emirate of Dubai, one of the United Arab Emirates, and it is located specifically in the Al-Khail Railway along the Murshid Market, where it is located in the center of the Deira area, and can be reached by car by taking the path of the Al Maktoum Bridge and until the roundabout, and from the secondary road the visitor should take Al Maktoum Street to Twenty-seventh Street, and there is a detour to the right, which is Naif Street until you reach the Hotel California, and after a distance of one kilometer from the hotel, Naif Market is located in the Naif area near the Naif Police Station.

Label of the Naif market

The Nayef Market was named after the Nayef Castle located in the Deira region. The Deira and the Righteousness of Dubai are the artery of the Emirate of Dubai. One of its shops, and life regained its life by increasing the number of shops to more than two hundred and fifty stores.

What is Naif market famous for?

The market is in the past the economic center of Dubai because of its location near the seashore, which in turn facilitates the movement of goods transport between the Deira and the mainland of Dubai. Today, with civilized progress and a multiplicity of people from different parts of the world, the market is the most famous stores that can go to and wander in its streets where the building is sought The Emirati, which dominates the market, and the Naif market includes a large number of markets that sell all kinds of goods. The most famous markets are the gold, pearl, fashion, silk, clothing, fish and food.

Most of the goods in the Naif market are of Chinese, Indonesian, Indian, and Thai origin. Dubai includes a large percentage of the Indian community. Usually, the prices of goods in the Naif market are relatively cheap, so a visitor who purchases for gifts will inevitably find his request in the Naif market, as prices compete The malls that contain international brands and original goods, the goods in the Naif market are also luxurious ones, including imitations of brands, as the market we mentioned contains two hundred and sixty-six stores that diversify into selling clothes for different categories and fabrics, shoes, perfumes, bags, cosmetics, and also furniture Domestic Electronics, carpets and other goods, famous for market traders Indians, Iranians are very savvy at bargain prices.


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