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NASA agency

Nasa is the initials of the term (national aeronautics and space administration) and means the National Aerospace and Aviation Agency, a civilian agency of the US administration. The agency’s administration is located in Washington, DC, and it has branches in most of the US states, and its primary stated functions relate to research work, And the development of programs and flight operations for the US federal government, as well as its tasks to discover outer space, by sending satellites to space.
This agency was created in 1958 by order of US President Eisenhower, owner of the principles of freedom, democracy, and intellectual freedom. Previously, this agency was created by a small entity called the National Consultative Committee on Space Science, which was known as (NACA).

American-Russian rivalry

The development of Naka came to NASA, and allocated a huge budget for it came as a direct response from the American administration to the Soviet Union launching its first satellite into space, and the American administration considered that this is a great challenge to its strength, as both America and the Soviet Union lived
The Cold War phase, and each of them sends satellites to spy on the other, and this state of competition remained until 1989 when the importance of the Soviet Union declined and the socialist entities in the world collapsed after the dissolution of the Soviet Union during a comprehensive reform process carried out by its leaders.
The US federal government set aside a huge budget for NASA to ensure its superiority over the Soviet Union, and estimated the budget of NASA at about 16 billion dollars annually, and there are more than 21 thousand employees with a direct job, and there are 20 thousand other employees working on temporary contracts and the budget of this agency funded by the Union The US federal, and not from a single state.
America was able to land the first person to the surface of the moon, astronaut Neil Armstrong in 1969 AD, and thus America had closed the gap of Russian excellence in the field of scientific and technological missiles, and America was able to win the supremacy of the Soviet Union in the field of space study and monopoly of information obtained to serve its interests.

NASA and Military Affairs

After the space missions that NASA made to space were exposed to disasters, its projects were halted, but it returned to work again and strongly, so the American Air Force launched a satellite with the mission of providing communications service between the central military leaders and the armies on the battlefield. These satellites are equipped with cameras, as happened in the American war on Iraq, as the battle events were transferred directly to the space agencies from the first moment to the end of the battle. An American company intends to build a port for space tourism in the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah in the United Arab Emirates, called the Space Port, and the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah will pay half the cost for this project.

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