Where is New Zealand located?

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We will present to you today where New Zealand is located, New Zealand is located in the southwestern Pacific, where this country lives in geographical isolation, it is located in the southeast of Australia, on the Tasmanian Sea, and is located 2,000 kilometers away, and it has no land borders with any countries Others, which are found in the southwest Pacific continent, are joined by Australia and some of the surrounding islands.
The island of New Zealand consists of two islands, a northern island, a southern island, and a number of small islands, the most famous of which are Chatham Island, and Stuart Island, and from the closest countries that have Caledonia that are in the north, so we will present to you today in this article on Arab travelers where New Zealand is located through the lines next.

Where is New Zealand located?

New Zealand is located in the southwestern part of the Pacific Ocean, that is, southeastern Australia, on the continent of Oceania, which is located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. New Zealand’s population reached five million and they return to European, Polynesian, and Maori origins, but this did not prevent Muslims from being present. In New Zealand, even if Muslims are late for their arrival in New Zealand.

New Zealand History

New Zealand was the largest country between the Polynesian Islands in the past, and in 1840 AD Britain colonized New Zealand and annexed it to its rule formally, and threatened all New Zealand policies, and in 1907 New Zealand was declared a country that follows British rule, and was not recognized internationally until 1947 AD, and it was It joined the United Nations in the twentieth century, and it has become an effective part in all international conferences, especially after developing its diplomatic relationship with many countries, and until now New Zealand has witnessed many developments in various fields.

Geographical nature

The geographical area of ​​New Zealand is about 270,534 square kilometers, and one of the most widespread geographical features is mountainous terrain, where the proportion of mountains is 85%, and its terrain is divided according to its islands, where there is in the North Island the Alps and it is located on the eastern side of New Zealand, as it is characterized by the presence of a volcanic plateau Which includes a group of volcanic craters of various shapes, in addition to the presence of a number of plains on this island, the most famous of which are the Hastings Plains, the Auckland Plains, and the Wellington Plains.
And the southern island of New Zealand contains a group of geographical topography, including the southern Alps, which is located next to the west coast of New Zealand, and its proportion of the geographical features of the South Island is 60%, and Mount Cook is one of the highest mountains, and the height of the Otago Plateau ranges between 500-1000 meters, A number of plains are spread widely in the island, including: the Invercargill plains, the Canterbury plains, and the Nelson Plains.

the climate

The climate of New Zealand is a diversified climate as a result of the diversity of the lands and its islands, and part of its climate is moderate and warm, but it is classified as being within the Mediterranean climate, because it is near the Mediterranean, and the other part of the climate is marine and cool, and is moderate to some extent. The rains fell in the first part of April to October, the other part and the remaining regions fall on them throughout the year, with an increase in the winter’s favor, and the rains fall in New Zealand because of the depressions, as it is affected by the western winds.
The average temperature in New Zealand ranges between 4-12 ° C, especially in July and August, and the average temperature is 15 ° C in the southern part, and 27 ° C in the northern part, which relates to the time period between December and January, and the temperature drops in Winter is less than 0 ° C, and summer temperatures range from 10-15 ° C.


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