Pakistan is one of the most important tourist and cultural destinations in the Asian continent, with its rich history, authentic cultural heritage, great historical and archaeological monuments such as giant mosques and famous hiking fields, in addition to the places of entertainment and modern shopping.
With its tourism importance, many classify the country of Pakistan as a popular scientific and educational center that is popular with students from different countries of Asia for research and study in the fields of Sharia and Juristic Sciences.
Whatever your goal of your possible travel to Pakistan, you definitely wonder where Pakistan is and how you can roam as a tourist among the most famous and important tourist areas, and this is what you will find his answer with us through the article.

Where is Pakistan located?

Best hotels in Pakistan

Pakistan has a large number of the finest hotels in the Indian subcontinent, which enjoy an authentic Islamic style and style with a modern and modern interface and a luxurious level of services and facilities and prices that suit different budgets.

Pakistan website

Where is Pakistan located on the world map?

Pakistan is a South Asian Islamic country that ranks 4th globally in terms of population and 36th in terms of area with its four main provinces which include a large number of public tourist and cultural cities.
As for the geographical borders, Pakistan is surrounded by land in India to the east, Afghanistan to the west, Iran to the southwest, China to the northeast.
As for the sea, it is surrounded by the Arabian Sea, Gulf of Oman, and a narrow sea lane separating it from Tajikistan.
To find out more precisely where Pakistan is located and the location of its main tourist cities, please see the following map:

Where is Pakistan located and how can you travel to it?

Pakistan grants immigrants to it 9 types of visas that vary according to the purpose of the visit. There is a visit visa, notification, study, family or press visa, or for those of third country nationality, for workers or owners of non-governmental or commercial institutions, a tourist visa.
The tourist visa requires filling in the required forms with payment of fees and carrying a passport that is valid for a period of no less than 6 months and a permit from the Pakistani Ministry of Tourism in the event of group trips, and upon completion of procedures and approval of travel, the visa is issued within 14 working days.
As for the study visa, it is issued within 4 weeks if the Pakistani Ministry of Interior and Economic Affairs approves and the study authority approves by official letters.

Where is Pakistan located and the distances between the most important cities of Pakistan?

Pakistan includes a group of the most important tourist and cultural cities with the most important niches of science and Sharia and jurisprudence study in particular, and in order to provide you with the trouble and long time in searching where is Pakistan located, we show you through the following lines the distances and ways of access between the centers of the major cities of Pakistan famous.

The distance between Islamabad and Peshawar?

Peshawar is 185 km from Islamabad, which is equivalent to driving for two hours and 19 minutes using Track 1.
The distance between Islamabad and Peshawar can also be calculated at 172 km, which is equivalent to driving for two hours and 47 minutes through Track 5.

Where is Lahore located from Multan?

Lahore is 351 km from Multan, the equivalent of a 5-hour drive across the National Shapra 5 track.
The distance between the two cities can also be calculated as 401 km, which equates to driving for 4 hours and 48 minutes via the Labour-Islamabad / Track 2 track, and the M-4 track.
Domestic airlines and Emirates and Gulf Air also offer two non-stop weekly flights between the two cities, which lasts one hour and 10 minutes at the latest.

Where is Khushab from Chakwal?

Chakwal is 131 km away, equivalent to a two-hour and 6-minute drive across the Lapur-Islamabad route / Track 2.
Or, 106 km is the equivalent of driving for two hours and 36 minutes through the Khushab and Sargod roads.
The distance between Chakwal and Khushab can also be calculated from 3 hours 42 minutes via Khushab Road.

How far is Hyderabad from Karachi?

Karachi is 165 km away from Hyderabad, equivalent to two hours and 26 minutes driving via Karaji-Hyderabad track.
It is also possible to drive via the Karaji-Hyderabad and National Shapra 5 tracks, which correspond to traveling for 197 hours, 3 hours and 17 minutes.

Where is Rawalpindi located in Azad Kashmir?

Azad Kashmir is 134 km from Rawalakot, equivalent to 4 hours and 50 minutes of driving across the Rawalakot Road.

Where is Khuzdar located from Quetta?

Quetta is 302 km from Khuzdar equivalent to driving 3 hours and 53 minutes across the National Shapra 25 track.

The distance between Sheikhupura and Abbottabad

Abbotabad is 423 km from Sheikhupura, equivalent to 4 hours and 54 minutes’ drive across AH1.

To here we have known with us where Pakistan is located and how to move between the different cities of Pakistan, and if you have some inquiries you can write them in the comment box below and we will provide you with the answer as soon as possible, how much can you get to know the most important places of tourism in Pakistan and the most beautiful natural areas that attract millions of tourists , By reviewing the following link … Read more

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