Where is Pharaoh’s body now

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Ramesses the Great

It is the most famous body among the mummified and preserved corpses of Pharaohs until now, and this body belongs to Ramses II, the third pharaoh of the nineteenth ruling family, and was called by the Pharaohs Ramses the Great and the Great Grandfather because of the strength and tyranny that he enjoyed in addition to the numerous invasions that led him to the Levant and the country Canaan and imposing the Pharaohs control over it, Ramses II ruled Egypt in the period between 1279 BC to 1213 BC, and his father appointed him crown prince when she was fourteen years old, and he appointed Qara`un over Egypt while he was still young in the early twenties.

The location of the body of Pharaoh

The body of Pharaoh Ramses II is found in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, Egypt, and was transferred in the eighties of the previous century to the French Archeology Center in France for subject to archaeological examinations and studies, and they also repaired the mummy and carried out many checks on it to find out the reason for the death of Pharaoh Ramses II and how he died, and showed These tests indicate that he died of drowning, and the body was removed from the water shortly after its sinking and mummification.

How Pharaoh died

French research conducted on the body of Pharaoh Ramses II decades ago showed that he died by drowning. As for the Holy Qur’an, he mentioned the story of Pharaoh with the Prophet Moses, peace be upon him, for more than a thousand years. Pharaoh was a mighty and tyrant king and God Almighty sent our master Moses, peace be upon him, to Pharaoh And his people to be evidence of the oneness of God Almighty and the destruction of Pharaoh, and after Pharaoh and his people lied to the prophecy of our master Moses, peace be upon him, in spite of the miracles and proofs presented by them, Pharaoh decided to join him and his soldiers with our master Moses and those with him who believed in his prophecy to eliminate them and end their affairs, and during the escape Moses and those with him, Pharaoh and Geno This they reached a dead end with deep water, and here the followers of Moses thought that they would perish at the hands of Pharaoh and his soldiers. They tried to follow the same path as Pharaoh sank and some of his soldiers with the water that surrounded them from each side, then God Almighty ordered the waters to throw the body of Pharaoh from her stomach to land, and the rest of the Pharaoh’s soldiers carried his body to his family who immediately embalmed it and buried it.


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