How far is Polo from Istanbul? Where is Polo located in Turkey? How far is Polo from Sapanca? One of the most frequently asked questions that comes to the minds of everyone who visits tourism in Turkey and plans to visit the most important areas and attractions in it.
There is no doubt that the city of Istanbul is the first thing that a tourist stepped forward upon arriving in Turkey as the main tourist city in it, and due to the calm and picturesque nature of Polo that helps to relax and relax many tourists want to know how far away Polo is from Istanbul to visit directly after, and this What this article covers.

Where is Polo located and how far is Polo from Istanbul

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How far is Polo from Istanbul

Where is Polo located in Turkey?

Bolu is a mountainous city covered with forests 733 meters above sea level, and lakes and hot springs are located in its lands, midway between the capital, Ankara, and Istanbul, overlooking the southwest coast of the Black Sea.
You can find out how far Polo is from Istanbul or where exactly Polo is located by looking at the following map:

The most important cities are near Polo

Polo surrounds a group of the most important Turkish major tourism cities such as Istanbul, Sapanca and others.
During the following lines, we will cover how far Polo is from Istanbul and other major cities in Turkey, and how you can get to and from these cities via the Polo City Center.

How far is Polo from Istanbul?

The distance between Polo and Istanbul is approximately 264 km, approximately 3 hours 20 minutes of travel via route O-4.
The road from Polo to Istanbul can be crossed by private car or bus, passing through the Polo Tunnel, which has made the road to the city faster and easier.

How far is Safran Polo from Istanbul?

Safran Polo is 409.8 km from Istanbul, which is approximately 4 and a half hours of travel through the O-4 track, which may increase to 9 hours depending on the mode of transportation used.
You can get from Safran Polo to Istanbul by bus, or a flight from Ataturk Airport or Sabiha Istanbul to Ankara Airport or Kastamonu and then take the bus to Safran Polo.

How far is Polo from Sapanca?

The distance between Polo and Sapanca is estimated at 134 km, which is approximately an hour and a half of travel through the Anatolia Auto Yolo, O-4, E80 routes.
From Polo you can reach Sapanca by private car or taxi within 1 hour and 20 minutes, bus within 2 hours.

Polo includes a number of charming natural and tourist attractions that attract the attention of tourists from everywhere in the world to visit annually, perhaps the most famous and most important of them are the Polo Museum, the Seven Lakes, Abant Lake, Samandra Falls, and other landmarks that you can learn more about and about it through this link .. Read More

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