Puncak, that elegant Indonesian destination, which possesses the stunning nature of the diversity, between waterfalls, valleys, rivers, and national parks with amazing views, where it forms an artistic painting of harmonious colors that captivates the hearts, as well as diverse entertainment places, which made it the most famous tourist cities in Indonesia Which is especially intended for Arab tourists, as well as nature lovers from all over the world.
If you intend to visit this wonderful city and wonder where Puncak is located? In this article, we will give you the answer to it, as you can learn the distance between Puncak and the most important cities of Indonesia famous.

Where is Puncak located

The best Puncak hotels

Puncak has a bouquet of the best hotels that enjoy the most beautiful views of the city, as well as ensuring its guests comfort and luxury through rooms and suites equipped with the latest facilities, and provide the best services, and below we will display a list of the best Puncak hotels according to the reviews and opinions of Arab visitors .. Read more

Where is the city of Puncak located

Where is Puncak located on the map?

Posnak city is located about 100 km west of Java, which is located south of Jakarta between the cities of Bandung and Bogor, Indonesia. It can be reached through the Soekarno Hatta varicose airport in Jakarta, or by bus or car. Below we show where Puncak is located on maps Google.

The distance between Puncak and the most important cities of Indonesia on the map

After we got to know where Puncak is, we will know the distance between it and the most important cities according to Google Maps estimates, and how long it takes to travel by car, and travel by plane if available.

How far is Puncak from Jakarta?

The distance between Bushnak and Jakarta is about 80.9 km, and if traveling by car, the distance will be covered in an hour and 32 minutes, according to the map below, which shows how much distance between Jakarta and Puncak.

How far is Bandung from Puncak?

Bandung is 99.4 km away from Puncak, when using the car as a means of transportation between the two cities, you will arrive within three hours and 52 minutes via the fastest route. The following map informs us about the distance of Puncak from Bandung

How far is Bogor from Puncak?

According to Google’s estimates, it was found that the distance between the two cities was estimated at 33.3 km, you can travel this distance when traveling by car in a period of 55 minutes, by the fastest roads between the two cities, while there are two other roads in which this distance varies, and this is shown in the following map.

How far is Bali from Puncak?

The distance between the city of Bali and Puncak is approximately one thousand and 199 kilometers, which can be covered by car in a period of 18 hours and 54 minutes. As for the independence of the plane, this distance can be covered in a period of up to one hour and forty minutes, and this is indicated by the Google map below.

And so we have met with you on a quick tour of where Puncak is located? And how far is the distance between it and the most famous tourist cities in Indonesia, and through this information you can determine the path of your next trip to Puncak, one of the most beautiful cities in Indonesia.
In case you want to know more about the most important tourist attractions in Puncak, you can read the following article through .. Read more

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