Where is Qarun Palace located?

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Qarun Palace

Qarun Palace is located 65 kilometers from the city of Fayoum in the northwestern side of the province and it is considered one of the Ptolemaic temples that have been preserved until now, and in fact the name is false because the real name is the Temple of Ptolemy built of yellow brick made of limestone where All its features seem sound and clear despite the restoration and maintenance work carried out by the Department of Antiquities Conservation, and Karun Palace may look to the viewer from the outside small in size until he enters it and sees how large the size of the large mazes inside it from large rooms, corridors, tunnels and upper rooms that make thisThe palace is an attractive place to discover its secrets, and it is strange in this palace that there are no inscriptions written on its walls except for the presence of the sun with wings at the entrance to the palace and on the ceiling there are two inscriptions, one of which is the crocodile god Sobek on the left side and the other an inscription of the king on the right, and the palace rooms are characterized by a wonderful view of the desert from The south and the west and the cultivated lands from the north and the east with a pond carved from the north as well, and it is worth knowing that Qarun Palace is that on the date of the twenty-first of October, the summer solstice of the sun begins and the sun rays begin to enter the palace and illuminate all its parts on this particular day because in For the rest of the year, the palace from the inside remains obscured by a phenomenon that is unique and difficult to miss.

Information about the tombs of the pharaohs

Some people may ask about the things that the tomb of the Pharaonic king may contain in the things that distinguish it from other common Egyptians.

  • The coffin of King Tutankhamun is made of solid gold and weighs approximately 10 kilograms.
  • The belief was that the Egyptians had no importance after the death of the brain and they would get rid of it by pulling it from the nose with four jars next to the body.
  • Wall graphics inside the tomb show that the Pharaonic king lived another life full of adventures.
  • The presence of food in the tomb room to help the Pharaonic king continue in the next life.
  • Personal clothing and collectibles are placed to maintain an attractive appearance during other life.

Definition of Qarun

One of the stories that were mentioned in the Holy Qur’an is the story of the rich man Qarun, whose wealth was to help him to go the right way and was a cause of his error, and Qarun lived during the time of our master Moses, peace be upon him.


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