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Raouche rock

The Raouche Rock is one of the most important coastal tourist attractions in the country of Lebanon and in the world at large. It is sufficient for anyone to see it to know it and know where it is. The Raouche Rock is really two large rocks located near the beach in the Raouche area in the West Beirut Sea.

Date of formation

Often the opinions on these topics are predictive, as geologists talk about millions of years to form the different terrain, but in the event of the Raouche Rock, geologists studying this region assume that the Raouche Rock appeared after many powerful earthquakes that struck the West Beirut Sea region and these earthquakes occurred in The thirteenth century, as a result of this earthquake, led to the disappearance of many small islands that were inhabited at that time, but these islands did not disappear completely, but some small rocks remain in relation to an island, but it is giant on its own, and the rocks that appeared in the Western solution for many of the Beirut Sea, but the most famous Raouche rock.

Composition and size

Raouche rock consists of a mass of huge huge rocks and its shape is distinguished by it contains a gap in the middle and it looks like a bridge or a triumphal arch for Beirut, and this cavity is caused by the weakness of the rocks on that side and weathering factors as a result of the waves that strike the rock continuously.

The height of the Pigeon Rock from the sea is approximately seventy meters, the average height of the rock is twenty-five meters, and in the opposite direction of the Pigeon Rock there is another pointed high rock, and this is a result of its impact on weathering factors.

Other names for Raouche Rock

Raouche Rock has many names, including local and English names, and these names include the following:

  • Local names: The Raouche rock is called among the inhabitants of Lebanon, the rock of love. Another less joyful name was also popular and this is the suicide rock. Although suicides from above the rock are rare, and if they occur, they often take place in the Gulf opposite the rock, and not from above it is difficult to reach from above without Make noise and excite the curiosity of people and tourists in the crowded area around it.
  • Foreign names: It is called by the same name for some foreigners, and it is in English: (Raouche Rocks). Another name spreads in the center of the English visitors visiting the area, and they call it Pigeon’s Rock.


The Pigeon Rock, as mentioned above, is located in the western sea of ​​Beirut, and it is according to the global coordinate system Gps located in:
33 ° 53’24.83 ″ North
35 ° 28’14.22 ″ E

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