Where is Raouche Rock?

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Raouche rock

The Raouche Rock became famous because of the many restaurants that offer delicious food, whether popular or western, not to mention the cafes spread along the Corniche known as the Corniche of Beirut, as well as hotels with exciting views, which overlook the coast, which is known as the Raouche Coast , Which took its name from the Raouche rock located near Shatta, which attracted a lot to visit and stay there for some days.

Raouche rock site

Raouche Rock is located in the Lebanese Republic, specifically in the country’s capital, Beirut, which overlooks the Mediterranean, and the Raouche region is one of the areas in which residential buildings abound in addition to shops and commercial buildings.

Tourism in the Raouche Rock

The Raouche rock is one of the tourist attractions in the state of Lebanon, which attracts tourists especially to enjoy seeing it and watching it closely, and also taking pictures of it for the anniversary, and most of the visitors to this Raouche take a marine tour by riding boats deployed in the region, which roam around the Raouche rock, especially crossing in The cavity in it. The Pigeon Rock is made up of two massive rocks, but one of them is larger than the second, and it is the rock with a cavity inside it, which allows the crossing of small boats through them, and they are located in the Mediterranean, and in the beach known as the West Beirut Sea.

The birth of Raouche Rock

The scientists who studied geology have suggested the formation of the Raouche Rock, and they said that it occurred as a result of a severe earthquake that struck in this region specifically, which led to the destruction of all the small islands that were deployed in this site, and which were mostly inhabited by man, to show the place of this giant rock Raouche Most researchers and scholars have suggested that this incident occurred in the thirteenth century AD.

Raouche rock height

The Raouche rock is 70 meters high, but the second rock, which is small in relation to the major, has been affected by the weather factors that it was exposed to over time, which led to making it pointed in shape as a result of its stripping. The launch of the word Roche on this rock dates back to the Aramaic origin, where Roche pronounces and means in Arabic a head, but some people looking for the origins of words have seen that the word is of French origin; where Roche means in French the rock, and most likely that the name was not called it Except during the period of French rule over the country during their mandate in the region.


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