Where is Rawdat Khuraim located?

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The geographical location of Rawdat Khuraim

Rawdat Khuraym is located in the northeastern part of Riyadh, and in the southwestern part of Dahna, it is the closest kindergarten to the city of Riyadh, and it is 100 km away from Riyadh, and this kindergarten is followed by Ramah Governorate, and Rawdat Khuraym is a group of Fayyad, Which is represented by (Al-Tanmuz, Khuraym and Al-Khuwaish), where all these Fayad are called Khuraym kindergarten, and may be added to it a cue of Ramlan, and is characterized by its longitudinal shape, which descends to the northwest, and the length of its vegetation reaches more than 20 km, and the average width It is 1.5 kilometers, and in the abundance of Khuwaish it reaches 4 kilometers, and the western side is represented From the Rawda area with a low area, where the rain water poured into the high areas that are next to it, as well as the flood of Ghailana Valley, the Khweish Valley, as well as Wadi Wa Tilan, and for the eastern part of Rawda it is surrounded by sand dunes.

The name of Rawdat Khuraim

Several reasons are mentioned in the nomination of Rawdha Khuraim by this name. Among these are the following:

  • It is said to perforate sweat when it gets more rain, filling the eastern axis.
  • It was also said that the name came from Naqa Khuraim, which is located in the southeastern part of Al Rawda.
  • Rawda Khuraim is called (Rawda Al-Zaidi).

Rawdat Khuraim features

Rawdat Khuraim is characterized by being one of the big and beautiful tourist parks in Riyadh, where visitors visit during the spring, winter, and also during the holidays, in order to enjoy the beauty of its breathtaking and magical nature. In the spring, the kindergarten is full of greenery, and the distinct spring atmosphere, in addition to The beauty of its sandy nature, which stretches over the southwestern part of the Dahna Desert, as well as flowing into a number of valleys, including Wadi Ghilaneh, Wadi Al-Khwaishin, and Wadi Al-Thumamah. D of torrents, the most important of which is the flow of Shuib Al-Touki, and the water of torrents is stored in large tanks. It is also distinguished by its large area and the beauty of its landscape, it is protected by iron columns, and it contains Sidr trees, talh trees, bands of trees, clover, and others, and you can sit under these trees and enjoy its beauty, as there is no danger in this kindergarten.


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