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Sabiha Airport website

Sabiha International Airport is located on the Asian side of the Turkish city of Istanbul, in an area far from the city center, it is located on a longitude (29-18) east, and latitude (40-53) north, and the Turkish Ataturk airport is about 42 km away, and the airport is Sabiha, on the southeastern side of Istanbul Airport, is approximately 35 km southeast. The airport was established in 2003 in order to reduce pressure on Ataturk Airport, which is located in the western side of the city.

Information about Sabiha airport

Sabiha Airport is also known as Kokkun International Airport, and Sabiha Airport operates a large group of flights towards various European countries, it is one of the airports that links Europe and the Middle East, as it connects the countries in the west with the countries in the east, in addition to flights that start from within Turkey to Istanbul, and flights to European cities such as Amsterdam, Rome, and Madrid, as well as to Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia and southern Ukraine, and there are a group of countries that provide flights towards Istanbul airport such as Milan, Frankfurt and Berlin.

Services provided by Sabiha Airport

Sabiha International Airport offers a range of services inside the airport, including: places to charge phones, Wi-Fi service, in addition to restaurants that offer a variety of foods, some of which offer 24-hour service, shopping and a range of shops, and the airport also includes hotels near it to establish Passengers and their comfort, lounges to wait for passengers, and places to save luggage, as there is a post office in the airport, public telephones for use, and ATMs, and there are duty free shops that include a large group of luxury products and electronics, and there are dedicated parking spaces where the pain He flew a group of multi-storey floors that can accommodate a large number of cars.

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