Where is San Francisco?

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The city of San Francisco

San Francisco is located in the United States of America, especially California, and it is the second city in the United States of America in terms of population density, with a population of approximately 777 thousand people, and is characterized globally by the presence of the bridge called the Golden Gate Bridge as well as the presence of the famous American pyramid.

Its history

The city went through several historical stages since ancient times, and among these stages:

  • American Indians arrived in the city in the year 3000 BC, and it was then inhabited by a tribe called Yelamu.
  • The arrival of the Spanish soldiers in 1776 AD led by Juan Bautista de Anza, and the establishment of a fortress in the north of the city, and at that time many of its Indian residents died due to the diseases that spread to them after the coming of the Spanish army.
  • It was occupied by Americans after the Mexican-American War in 1846 AD, and they called it the current name which is San Francisco.

Its economy

Much natural resources were discovered in the city, which made it economically thriving. In 1848 AD, gold was discovered in it, which led to thousands of Chinese coming to work and Americans coming to live in it, so its population increased in that year to almost one thousand people.

Many world-famous companies were established, such as Levi Strauss Pants, and thus became the financial center of the western beach in the United States of America.

Tourism in it

There are many tourist cities in the city, which made them the focus of attention of many tourists, especially those coming from the North and South American continent and from the European continent. The most distinguished feature of tourism is the marine fleet that roams a number of areas and tourists on board, and the most important tourist areas in the city:

  • Yerba Buena Gardens: It is a large garden with an area of ​​5.5 acres, and it includes many flowers, waterfalls and trees in addition to small cafes.
  • San Francisco Botanical Garden: It is a garden established in the nineteenth century, and includes fifty thousand different plants, and most of these plants are of Asian and American origin, and it also includes palm trees.
  • Japanese Tea Garden: It is the oldest Japanese garden located in the United States of America. The garden contains tea houses, ponds, and gift shops.

Politics in it

The city is governed by a mayor and an observer council consisting of 11 observers. This city is considered left-wing, and 54.4% of its population elected a left-wing party headed by John Kerry in the year 2004 AD.


San Francisco is the birthplace of many celebrities, including:

  • Gordon Moore (Intel founder).
  • Emperor Norton.
  • Poet Robert Frost.

Information about the city and the countryside

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