Selangor, Malaysia’s richest city full of archaeological treasures and natural monuments, made its reputation among many tourists and enchanted them with its historical monuments. .
When you yearn for calm and are looking for relaxation and want to travel to Selangor, you must know some important things that qualify you to spend a fun trip. First, you need to know where Selangor is and how far it is from the most important tourism cities in Malaysia.

Where is Selangor located?

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Where is Selangor located?

Selangor is located on a longitude of 101.30 degrees east on the Greenwich Line, as it is located north of the equator on a circle with a width of 3.20 degrees.
Below is a map showing the exact location of Selangor.

Where is Selangor located from Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is 25.2 km from Selangor, approximately 20 minutes by car, by car along the route shown in the attached map.

Selangor is away from Georgetown

Georgetown is located on Selangor, according to Google Maps estimates, about 364 km, which is approximately 3 hours 57 minutes travel by car via the fastest route shown on the map, and you can see the map below.

How far is Selangor to Ipoh

The distance in km from Selangor to Ipoh is estimated at 205 km, which is approximately two hours and 16 minutes. Travel by car. You can take the fastest route for normal traffic.

Selangor is located from Genting Highland

Selangor is 79.7 square meters from Genting Highland, approximately 1 hour and 21 minutes away. You can take the fastest route as shown on the attached map.

How far is Selangor from Johor Bahru

The distance in kilometers between Selangor and the city of Johor Bahru is estimated at 339 km, which is approximately 3 hours and 22 minutes by car, when you take the path shown on the map.

Where is Selangor from Kota Bharu

The distance between Selangor City is approximately 466 km from Cameron Highland, approximately 6 hours 11 minutes by car via the fastest route shown on the map, and you can reach faster through airlines from Sultan Ismail Petra Airport and the journey takes only one hour.

How far is Selangor from Langkawi

The distance from Selangor to Langkawi is about an hour, via flights that depart from Langkawi International Airport.

Where is Selangor from Penang?

The distance from Selangor to Penang is about 360 km, approximately 3 hours and 52 minutes by car. You can quickly travel by air from Penang International Airport to reach in just 55 minutes.

After we learned about the location of Selangor on the map and the distances between it and the most important tourism cities in Malaysia, you can enjoy your trip and spend the most enjoyable times visiting recreational places and attractions, and to know the most important tourist attractions in the famous Selangor you can visit the following link .. Read more

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