Seoul is the capital of South Korea and is considered one of the most exciting major Asian cities. It is a major travel destination in the coming years due to the Olympic Games. In addition, it has the most prominent tourist attractions in South Korea that attract a large number of tourists from all countries of the world to visit its historical monuments such as a tower Seoul, Mount Nam, the Korean National Museum and many others.
Are you planning to visit Seoul soon? Find out where Seoul is? What do you do there and how far is the distance between them and the most important cities of South Korea, we will provide you with full details through the following report in order to be a tourist guide for you during your first visit to the capital, Seoul

Where is Seoul?

Best of Seoul hotels

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Seoul website

Where is Seoul?

Seoul is the largest city and capital of South Korea, located in the northwest of the State of South Korea near its northern border, with a population of about ten million people, and is considered the most famous Korean city in economic terms.
We will put a map of the Seoul site for more clarification you can see:

Where is Seoul from Busan?

The distance from the city of Seoul to Busan is estimated when you want to travel by public transport, within three hours 59 minutes, and the distance can be traveled by airlines from Gimhae International Airport to arrive in fifty-five minutes.

How far is Seoul from Incheon?

The distance from Seoul to Incheon is approximately 30 minutes to 38 minutes, using public transportation from Gyeyang Station.

Where is Seoul located from Daegu

Seoul city is about 1 hour and 53 minutes away from Daegu. The distance can be reached by public transport from Dongdaegu Station.

How far is Seoul from Gwangju

Seoul is about an hour and 46 minutes away from Seoul, and the distance can be traveled by public transport from Gwangju Songjeong Station.

How far is Seoul from Daejeon

Seoul city is approximately 1 hour, 8 minutes to 1 hour and 10 minutes from Seoul by using public transportation from the hour from Daejeon Station.

How far is Seoul from Alsan

Seoul is approximately 2 hours 19 minutes away from Alsan. It is possible to travel by public transport from Ulsan-Yeog Station.
The distance can also be limited to one hour by airlines.

How far is from Seoul to Chungju

The distance from the city of Seoul is about an hour and 30 minutes by public transport from 8:52 am to 10:10 am as shown on the attached map.

After we learned in the previous lines about where Seoul is and how far it is from the most important tourism cities in South Korea, you can visit the following link to know the most important historical and tourist attractions that are located in Seoul through .. Read more

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