Where is Sicily?

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The Sicilian Islands has an official name in which it is known as the Sicilian Autonomous Region, and it belongs to Italy, and the island is the largest among the group of islands that make up this region, such as the Aeolian Island, and the location of this island is considered one of the important strategic locations for trade routes in the heart of the Mediterranean, which is a mountainous island, It has a charming view.

Location and space

Sicily is located in the heart of the Mediterranean, where it is bordered only by the state of Italy on the northern side, as it is estimated at three kilometers from it, as the Strait of Messina separates it from the Italian region of Calabria on the east, and this island is considered the largest island in The Mediterranean Sea .

The area of ​​Sicily is twenty-five thousand seven hundred and eight square kilometers, and it is considered the largest among the regions of Italy in terms of area, while the number of its population is estimated at five million people and perhaps more today.

brief history

Sicily was once a subordinate to the Greek state, and Cicero Syracuse described it as the greatest and most beautiful city among the ancient Greek cities, and was previously an independent country, as its influence extended from Palermo to reach the southern regions of Italy as well as Sicily and the island of Malta, to become later under the rule of the Bourbons, Naples was the capital, but in the year one thousand eighty-sixty AD with the unification of Italy, the kingdom was dissolved, thus becoming an autonomous region.

Sicily is considered one of the countries rich in its cultural heritage, whether it is in music or literature and even in architecture, in addition to language and the art of cooking, not to mention all of the arts, and it is considered a cradle for the greatest personalities that have had an impact and a footprint in the presence, led by mathematician Archimedes who has a law Floating objects, which was born in Sicily, Syracuse.


Sicily has a large number of rivers, due to its small area, and most of it flows from the central region to enter its southern part to the sea, where we find the Salso River, which flows from I and Caltanissetta, where it crosses this island to reach its end in the Mediterranean, while the Alcantara River stems From the eastern side is the province of Messina, and it ends in the Giardini Naxos region, and also there is the Simeto River that flows into the south of the Catania region where the Ionian Sea is located, and there are also important rivers located to the southwest of Platani and Mathilbici.


The economy of Sicily relies primarily on agriculture, especially the cultivation of citrus fruits from lemon and orange, and archaeological tourism also supports the state’s economy, due to the presence of many archaeological sites and places dating back to ancient times, such as the site of the Acropolis Pantalica, as well as the Valley of the Temples.


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