Where is Sisli located in Istanbul

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Sisli is one of the most important and famous tourist areas of Istanbul favorite of many tourists, and the great popularity enjoyed by Sisli is due to the great historical importance of the region that has experienced multiple periods of time since the dawn of history.
Sisli has a wide range of distinctive attractions and attractions such as the ancient Sisli Mosque and the prestigious Cevahir Shopping Mall Istanbul, which is a destination for thousands of tourists annually to make fun shopping tours and purchase the most luxurious high-quality products.
Among the most common questions that come to the minds of tourists is where is the Sisli district in Istanbul and how it can be accessed from other famous areas such as Taksim Square and Sultanahmet, and this is what we will answer in this report.

The best Sisli hotels Istanbul

It is worth noting that the Sisli region includes a large number of the finest Istanbul hotels with its multiple properties and it is a very suitable residence for those who like to live in the vibrant areas surrounded by shopping centers and famous tourist destinations … Read more
Where is Sisli located in Istanbul - Where is Sisli located in Istanbul

Where is the Sisli district of Istanbul located on the map

Sisli is located in the European part of Istanbul, about 8 kilometers from the city center. Sisli is surrounded by a group of important areas such as Igloa in the south and Sultan Ayoub in the west.
The following map shows where Sisli is located in Istanbul, exactly on Google Maps:

Reaching Sisli from the most famous areas of Istanbul

After we got to know you, where Sisli is located in Turkey, let’s get to know together the distance between it and the most famous areas in Istanbul, how to get to Sisli from those areas, and specifically to reach Nisantasi Street, the most famous tourist neighborhood of Sisli.

How far is Sisli from Taksim?

The distance between Nisantasi Street in the Sisli area and Taksim Square is about 2 kilometers and it can be reached from Taksim to Sisli by car in 6 minutes. The bus can be reached in 12 minutes, including an 8-minute walk …
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How far is Sisli from Sultan Ahmed?

The distance between Nisantasi Street in Sisli and Sultanahmet is 6.4 km on the shortest road connecting them, which can be crossed in 20 minutes by car or bus in 34 minutes.

The most important activities in the Sisli region

Many enjoyable activities can be done in Sisli, such as going on fun shopping tours, as the region includes 4 of the most famous shopping centers in Istanbul, including Cevahir Mall and Canyon Mall.
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