Many people may be wondering where is Soma Bay? What are its advantages that many visitors visit every year? What are the most important cities near Soma Bay that can be easily reached through it?
Soma Bay Hurghada is one of the charming nature places that combine picturesque beaches that feature wonderful blue water and exquisite coral reefs that attract many tourists from all over the world, along with recreational facilities such as diving centers, water games and distinctive sports fields, the most famous golf courses.
It is distinctive that Soma Bay is surrounded by water on three sides, therefore it provides enormous spaces for the establishment of the most beautiful hotels and resorts that offer the finest views of the sea, and the total area of ​​Soma Bay is estimated at about 10 million square meters.
Therefore, Soma Bay Hurghada is one of the most important places of tourism in Egypt thanks to the natural wealth of the region and the wonderful tourist attractions that the famous Gulf enjoys.
In this article, we will know you where the impressive Soma Bay is located with information about the most important cities near Soma Bay Hurghada
Where is Soma Bay located?

Best Soma Bay hotels

Thanks to the enchanting nature of Soma Bay, it includes a group of the best hotels in Egypt, providing great views, services and excellent facilities. We always advise visitors to make reservations at least one month before going out to hotels in Soma Bay in order to ensure that they get appropriate prices. Between summer and winter, or during the winter months as well, when the weather is mild … Read more

Soma Bay Hurghada

Where is Soma Bay located on the map:

Soma Bay is located on the Hurghada – Safaga Road, which is located south of Hurghada and to the north of Safaga. Soma Bay is administratively attached to the Red Sea Governorate and overlooks the magnificent Red Sea coast and the charming Red Sea Mountains.
You can view the map below to find out exactly where Soma Bay is located on Google Maps:

The most important cities near Soma Bay Hurghada:

After we knew where the Soma Bay is located, it remains to know the most important cities near Soma Bay Hurghada and how it can be reached from it or easily.

How far is Soma Bay from Hurghada?

Soma Bay is 54 km to the city of Hurghada, to the south, according to Google Maps. You can rent a taxi to move between Hurghada and Soma Bay, or take your own car. The distance will take approximately 50 minutes.

How far is Soma Bay from Safaga?

The distance between Soma Bay and Safaga is only 15 kilometers according to Google Maps, and Soma Bay is located to the north of the city of Safaga, you can move between Safaga and Soma Bay by your own car or rent a taxi, the distance takes only about 22 minutes.

How far is Soma Bay from Sharm El Sheikh?

Soma Bay is 156 kilometers from Sharm El-Sheikh, according to Google Maps. You can move between Soma Bay and Sharm El-Sheikh by renting a private car. You can also move from Soma Bay to Hurghada by taxi and then move to Sharm El Sheikh by buses that With trips between the cities of Hurghada and Sharm El-Sheikh.
It is also possible to reach Hurghada from Soma Bay by taxi, then take a plane from Hurghada International Airport to Sharm El Sheikh International Airport.

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