Sousse is called the jewel of the coast, due to its unique location on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea, with a coastline length of 170 km.
Sousse is a special place in the list of the most famous tourism cities in Tunisia due to the purity of its beaches and the multiplicity of tourism and leisure activities in it, in addition to the multiplicity of cultural and historical attractions, the most important of which are the Ribat of Sousse, the Abu Fatata Mosque and the ancient city.

Where is Sousse located?

The best Sousse hotels

Sousse owns a group of the best hotels and resorts in Tunisia at all, and these hotels vary in terms of services provided to their guests, prices and location, and in the following article we present our nominations for the best Sousse hotels .. Read more

Cities near to Sousse

Where is Sousse located?

Sousse is located on the eastern coast of Tunisia towards the center, and in the following link we locate Sousse on a Google map

The most important cities near Sousse

Sousse is surrounded by a large number of important Tunisian cities that possess many tourism, entertainment and commercial ingredients. During the next few lines, we will learn about the distance between Sousse and a group of the most important Tunisian cities.

The distance between Sousse and Tunis

Tunis is about 147 km from Sousse, and you can drive within an hour and 41 minutes by car via the Autoroute A1 / Trans-African Highway 1, or by bus in two hours and 56 minutes.

The distance between Sousse and Hammamet

The city of Hammamet is 97.3 km from Sousse, that is, within an hour and 8 minutes by car, along the route shown on the map, or in two hours 55 minutes by bus.

Where is Sousse from Kairouan located?

Kairouan is 55.3 km from Sousse, and you can walk it in 59 minutes by car via the path shown below.

Where is Sousse located from Bizerte?

The city of Bizerte is about 216 km from Sousse, which equals two hours and 47 minutes by car via the route shown on the map, or 6 hours by bus.

Where is Sousse from Sfax located?

These two cities are 133 km from each other, which is equivalent to an hour and 37 minutes’ drive on the motorway shown below.

Sousse has a special place among the tourist cities in Tunisia, and the city attracts a large number of visitors annually thanks to the diversity of tourism in Sousse between historical places, natural landmarks and modern life represented in the markets, malls and entertainment places, if you want to get to know in more depth the tourist attractions of Sousse, follow Read in the next article … read more

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