Tourism in Sri Lanka is unparalleled, as it is distinguished by its wonderful beaches and enchanting nature. Thousands of tourists come every year to visit the most important tourist attractions and spend their annual holidays in wonderful entertainment places such as Yala National Park, Sigiriya rocky castle, in addition to enjoying witnessing the ancient historical monuments, especially spending Fun time next to one of Sri Lanka’s wonderful beaches.
If you are planning to travel to this fun destination, you must know where Sri Lanka is located on the map? And the distance between the most important tourist cities, and this is what we will review in the following lines.

Where is Sri Lanka located?

Best hotels in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka includes a luxurious group of hotels and resorts with a view of the islands and historical sites, as well as providing wonderful hotel services to its visitors. Therefore, we collected for you a number of the most luxurious hotels in Sri Lanka with the most important features and recreational activities for each of them, along with the previous Arab visitors’ assessments of these hotels in the following report .. Read More

Sri Lanka website

Where is Sri Lanka located on the map?

The state of Sri Lanka lies in the north of the Indian Ocean, in the south of the Indian subcontinent, bordered to the south by Asia, and to the north by India. Sri Lanka is located in the southeast of the Maldives, while the Gulf of Bengal borders it to the northeast, and from the southern part is bounded by mountain ranges.
Below you can find out exactly where Sri Lanka is located on the map.

How to travel to Sri Lanka

After we know where Sri Lanka is located on the map, let’s take a look at how to travel to this wonderful country.
You can extract visa either via the Internet or by visiting the embassy of Sri Lanka in your country, the cost of the visa price per person is about 35 dollars through offices, or extracting it via the Internet costs 30 dollars, and for children who are under 16 years of age a free transit visa is extracted, The visa is valid for six months from the date it was issued.

Where is the city of Colombo located in Kandy

The distance between the city of Colombo and Kandy is about 114 km, meaning that it takes about two hours and 42 minutes to travel by car, through the fastest route shown on the map.

The city of Bentota is far from the Sri Lanka Galle

The distance between the city of Galle Sri Lanka and Bentota is about 70.5 km, which is approximately one hour and 5 minutes, and that distance can be covered by car via the road shown on the map.

Where is Dambulla located from Nuwara Eliya

The distance between the two cities is estimated at 153 km, i.e. approximately 4 hours and 16 minutes’ car travel. To find the fastest route through which you can travel, see the map below.

How far is Trincomalee from Anuradhapura

The distance between Trincomalee and the city of Anuradhapura in km is about 108 km. You can travel by car to travel the distance in about an hour and 53 minutes along the path shown on the map.

Where is Ratnapura located from Badula

The distance in km between the two cities is estimated at 131 km, which is approximately three hours and 22 minutes, and it can be reached by car travel via the fastest normal traffic path shown on the map.

The distance between Colombo and Badula city

The city of Colombo is about 231 km from Padula, according to Google Maps estimates, it can travel by car to reach in five hours and 35 minutes.

Where is Trincomalee located from Dambulla

The distance between the two cities is about 106 km, and the distance between them can be reached within an hour and 47 minutes, when you want to travel by car via the path shown on the map.

The distance between the city of Ratnapura and Dambulla

The distance from the city of Ratnapura and Dambulla in km, according to Google Maps estimates, is about 168 km, which equals 3 hours and 35 minutes when you travel by car.

After we answered the question of where Sri Lanka is, let us give you an overview of tourism in Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka is a destination for nature lovers and lovers and for those who always seek to discover new tourist places, they are considered the most important tourism destinations in the world because of their richness in attractive nature, and to know more historical monuments and monuments in Sri Lanka cities, read the following lines .. Read more

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