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The tourist places in the Arab Republic of Egypt are many and different. They have many historical monuments and archaeological monuments that attract tourists from all sides to see them only, such as the pyramids. Not only that, there are some cities that overlook the coast and visited by millions of tourists to enjoy the beauty of nature, sea and beach, and these cities are “the city of Taba”, which we will talk about in this article.


The city of Taba is a small Egyptian town located on the Gulf of Aqaba on its head, which is located between mountain ranges and the plateaux of Taba, and between the waters of the Gulf of Aqaba, and this small city is considered a magnet for tourists in the north of the country as it is met by “Sharm El Sheikh” in the south, and the south of the semi-Sinai, which is It is about two hundred and forty kilometers away from it. It is worth noting that this Gulf of Aqaba, which “Taba” overlooks from the State of Egypt, is overlooked by the city of Aqaba in the State of Jordan, and “Umm Al-Rashrash” or what is called “Eilat” in occupied Palestine.

As we mentioned earlier, Taba is considered one of the most important coastal tourism cities in the Arab Republic of Egypt, as it is an ancient city that combines history, originality and heritage. this is. Add to that, the city of Taba is rich in aquatic animal life, there are many unique coral in it, and also the level of services provided by the city to its tourists visitors is very sophisticated.

One of the most important historical monuments

Among the most important historical monuments in the city of Taba is the “Museum” or “Taba Museum”, where there are more than seven thousand archaeological masterpieces that include all peoples and races that inhabited Egypt, whether they were from the Pharaohs to our time. Likewise, the “colored groove”, meaning the valley that gradually slows its path and passes between two sandy mountain slopes and is characterized by the beauty of its colors and the splendor of its view is one of the city’s landmarks. There is also a “Taba Reserve” and this wonderful reserve is caves, mountain passes, valleys such as Wadi Teer, Wadi Al Zaljah and Wadi Al Suwana, in addition to its richness in the most important unique animal and plant resources.

Taba tourist beaches

There is no doubt that the tourist beaches of Taba are considered to be one of the most important and most wonderful landmarks of the city, as many tourists go to them to enjoy the beauty of the sea and the splendor of the scenery, except that diving there is considered one of the most important entertainment and sports favored by many tourists, as the Red Sea is known for its wealth The most beautiful folk coral and wonderful colors, and the region of “Morsi Al-Majabila” “and the valley” and “pit of the strait” and “banana of the strait” are among the most important diving places in it.

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