Tourism in the Bahamas is the main driver of the country’s national economy and attracts about 3.5 million visitors every year to spend annual holidays and engage in some recreational activities such as water skiing, diving, and other fun water sports.
The most important question that remains in the mind of every tourist who wishes to travel to the Bahamas to visit its tourist attractions and enjoy the attractive natural scenery remains, which is the Bahamas, where is it and how far is it between the most important cities? This is what we will cover in detail in the following lines.

Bahamas, where is it located?

The best Bahamas hotels

Besides the natural ingredients and effects of the Bahamas, which contain its ancient history, it includes a sophisticated group of hotels and resorts that provide the visitor with comfort during his tourist trip.

Where is the Bahamas located?

How to travel to the Bahamas

Before we know where the Bahamas are located, we must first learn how to travel to them. All citizens of the European Union can enter the Bahamas without a travel visa, and Indian citizens can obtain a 90-day visa for those who hold a valid visa and that it is issued from the United States Or Canada and any other country within the Schengen area.

Where is the Bahamas located?

The Bahamas consists of 29 islands and about 661 small islands, located in the Atlantic Ocean in the north of Cuba, and on the Turks and Caicos Islands to the west, and is bordered to the southeast by the United States closest to the state of Florida.
The following map shows where the Bahamas is located specifically on the world map:

How far is Freeport from West End

The distance between West End and Freeport in km is approximately 44.0 km, approximately 44 minutes by car, via the fastest route, Warren J Levarity Hwy.

How far is West and from Free Town

You can travel from West End to Free Town by plane from Freetown Sierra Leone Airport and the flight takes approximately one day and one hour, as shown in the attached map.

How far is Nassau from Clarence Town

Flights from The Bahamas can be used to travel the distance between them within 45 minutes.

Where is the city of George from Elis?

Airlines can be used from Exuma International Airport to arrive within 21 hours and 25 minutes, according to Google Maps estimates.

Clarence Town is far from Ellis Town

Clarence Town can travel to Ellis Town through the Bahamas Airlines, and the journey takes approximately 21 hours and 20 minutes.

Where is West End from Nassau?

The flight from Nassau Lindling International Airport in Nassau takes approximately forty-five minutes, as shown in the attached map.

Thus, we have concluded our report on where the Bahamas is located and how far away from other cities and access via the attached maps, and to find out the most important tourist attractions that attract many tourists in the Bahamas, read the following report and you will know all the information that guarantees you a successful trip. . read more

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