Where is the Bahamas located?

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The Bahamas is located on the Caribbean continent, and it is considered an independent border and not adjacent to any country, and its total area is 13,880 km. United kingdom.

Geography of The Bahamas

The Bahamas owns approximately 700 islands that differ in their environments, but most of them contain coral reefs in addition to the wonderful sand, including small islands, coral islands and low islands, and these islands have arisen due to the disintegration of coral reefs and different seashells, and the highest point in the Bahamas was recorded in Cat Island, which has a height of 63 m above sea level and is characterized by being submerged in limestone, The Bahamas also has many freshwater lakes and small areas, and it has only one small river located in Anders Island.

Tourist attractions in the Bahamas

The Bahamas is famous for its clear waters and fresh beaches, and its colonial architectural style blended with modern culture, which attracts tourists in addition to many different museums such as the Pinch Museum and various art galleries. The Bahamas also has a number of inherent forts like the Fort Fincastel fort, which was specially constructed For defensive purposes, to protect the island at the beginning of its establishment, and it also contains wonderful markets that reveal the authentic culture of these islands.

The climate of the Bahamas

The climate of The Bahamas is a mild climate throughout the year, with average temperatures ranging between 21 degrees during the winter and 27 degrees during the summer, and temperatures are rare to fall below 16 degrees and temperatures are also rarely higher than 32 degrees.


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