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Bahrain Complex in the Qur’an

The sentence (Bahrain Synod) appeared in the Holy Qur’an on the journey of our master Moses, peace be upon him, to search for a person called Khidr, peace be upon him (scholars differed as to whether he was a prophet, a good servant, or a guardian of God), and the reason for his search for a matter from God was revealed to our master Moses when he was preaching With the children of Israel, one of the attendees asked him if there was someone who was more knowledgeable than him (meaning our master Moses), and Moses, peace be upon him, replied: No, according to his belief that no one knows better than him.

God Almighty revealed to our master Moses that a good servant called the Greens has more knowledge than Moses, peace be upon him – some scholars mentioned that the Greens were not more aware than our master Moses, but rather he was more knowledgeable than him in the science of truth and our master Moses was more knowledgeable than him in the science of Sharia based on Saying the vegetables as stated in the two correct ones: You are aware of God’s knowledge God taught him, I do not know him, and I am aware of God’s knowledge. Teach him not know him – and tell him that he is in a region called the Bahrain Mall, and that the sign that will point him to his place is the loss of the whale – a fish that God commanded that Take her in a lumpy-.

Our master Moses set out with his daughter, Joshua bin Nun, and God Almighty revealed to us in the Qur’an our master Moses’s keenness to reach this righteous man and learn from him. Then Almighty said: “And when Moses said to his girl, I will not go until he reaches all the complexes.” He insists that he will not leave until he arrives or that he will spend years (eras) looking for him.

After our master Moses and his girl set out on the sea, and they found a rock, Moses, peace be upon him, lost his girl with her, and while they were lying, the whale was troubled in the lump until it came out and fell into the water – some scholars said that it fell into the water without life returning to it, and others said that God returned to him Life went back to the water – and after waking them up, the boy of Moses forgot to tell him about the loss of the whale, and they followed their path until they were tired, so peace be upon him, as stated in the Qur’an: “We came to our lunch. The whale forgot, and the devil only forgot him to mention it and marveled at sea, And that was what Moses wanted, so they returned to that place, which is the same complex as Bahrain, and they found vegetables, peace be upon him, to start from this place the story of our master Moses and vegetables, which contains many lessons.

We note that the word Bahrain is mentioned four times in the Noble Qur’an.

Where is the Bahrain Mall located?

The scholars differed as to the exact location, and we will mention this according to the explanations.

Tafsir Ibn Kathir
He mentioned that they are the Sea of ​​Persia, which follows the East, and the Sea of ​​Rum, which follows the Maghrib, where he said in his interpretation: (When they reached a complex between them, they forgot their whale, because he had ordered to carry a whale salted with him, and he was told: Whenever you lose the whale then it is a price, so it reached a group Bahrain, and there is an eye called the eye of life, so sleep there, and hit the whale from the sprinkler of that water, and he was disturbed and was in agglomeration with Joshua, peace be upon him, and a spurt from the agglomerated to the sea, so Joshua, peace be upon him, woke up, and the whale fell into the sea, so he made a walk in the water, and water He has the parable of energy, and he does not heal after him. That is why the Almighty said: So he took his path in the sea as a swarm, that is, like a swarm in the earth.

Al-Suyuti in Al-Durr Al-Manthoor
He mentioned that they are the Sea of ​​Persia and the Romens, they are the Sea of ​​the East and the Maghreb. Likewise, Ibn al-Mundhir and Ibn Abi Hatim included on the authority of Abi Bin Kaab in his saying: The Sea of ​​Complexes said: African, and Ibn Abi Hatim on the authority of Muhammad Ibn Ka’b said in his saying: The Synod of Al-Bahrin said: Tangier, and Ibn Abi Hatim on the authority of Al-Sadi said in his saying: Majmah : The ball and the land, where they are poured into the sea).

Mr. Qutb in his interpretation of the shadows of the Qur’an
He mentioned that they are the Sea of ​​Rum and the Sea of ​​Qalzum, that is, the White Sea and the Red Sea, where he said: (And most likely – and God knows best – that it is the complex of Bahrain: the Sea of ​​Rum and the Sea of ​​Qalzam, i.e. the White Sea and the Red Sea, and their complex is the place of their meeting in the bitter lakes and lake of crocodile, or it is a complex The Gulf of Aqaba and Suez in the Red Sea, as this region was the theater of the history of the Children of Israel after their departure from Egypt).

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