Where is the Barzan Heritage Palace?

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Barzan Palace is located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, specifically located in the city of Hail, and this ancient palace inhabited two ancient families, the Al Rashid family and the Ali family, and this palace was built in the year 1808 AD, as the Rashid family removed the Ali family from the palace and overthrew their rule, which He later became the seat of the ruling center during the period of the Rashid family, in addition to becoming a residence for them during the reign of the ruler Abdullah Al-Ali Al-Rasheed, after which some amendments were made to the palace where more shops, industrial and craft workshops were established in the courtyard of Barzan Palace in The era of Prince Talal bin Abdullah bin Ali Al Built, but in the reign of his brother Mohammed bin Abdullah bin Rashid Ali, it was the work of radical changes through the construction of Barzan mosque, and to expand the market and field, and building a very large city around the entire fence.

Barzan Palace was named by this name because it was clear and prominent among other buildings, and it was surrounded by towers that reach a height of more than sixty feet, and the family of Ali is considered to have built the palace, which was composed of three floors, as the first floor was dedicated To receive the guests and there is the kitchen, while the second floor contained the guest rooms of the state, and the third floor was dedicated to the Ali family, and Prince Abdulaziz bin Mosaed bin Gallawi Al Saud, after the fall of Hail, removed the palace and completely destroyed it, so it was unjust ruler And upon knowing the importance of the palace to the residents of Hail, he demolished it He argued that it would work to expand the market of Hail, which led many poets to write poetry and to sing Barzan Palace.

Although the city of Hail has lost a historic landmark, regardless of the succession of civilizations and ruling families, but the city of Hail remains bright and abundant with the original ancient heritage that indicates its heritage and its importance during the ages of history that crossed and that contain majestic mountains such as Jabal Al-Melihiya, where there is Hatem Palace Al-Ta’i, Ayrif Fort, Fayed, Qasr Ghayyad and many monuments that underline its ancient history, despite the demolition of one of the important historical monuments in the region and its loss, but the city of Hail with its springs, mountains and sands remains the bride of the desert in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and one of the cities that did not meet D whole history, but lost a part of it.


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