Where is the biggest clock in the world?

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Mecca hour

It is the largest watch in the world. In 2008, on the third of March, the Governor of Makkah Al-Mukarramah issued a letter on the King of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to establish a clock at the highest tower in Makkah, the fifth tower, with a height of 801 m, in order to hear and see it from all sides, and it was created By the most famous and largest engineers and designers in Germany, and many parties participated in its design, the Mecca Watch has several characteristics in terms of design method, materials used, mechanism of work and how they are made.

Clock project

This project included the construction of four hours, each one on a tower of Mecca, of which two are major; the first facing the Great Mosque of Mecca from the northern side, and the other from the south side, both of which are at an altitude of 80 meters with a width of 65 meters and a diameter of about 43 meters, while the third hour in the direction East, and the fourth on the western side, with a height of about 65 meters, a width of 39 meters, and a diameter of approximately 25 meters, topped by the word Majesty from all directions.

The characteristics and advantages of Makkah clock

  • The length of Mecca’s hour is 40 meters, 400 meters above the ground.
  • This watch was manufactured in Germany by the most skilled engineers and designers.
  • It contains a group of light sources that emit different types of radiation at events such as holidays and the beginning of the Hijri months.
  • Special light signals are issued at the time of the call to prayer and others at the time of the prayer, so that people with special needs or deaf people can know the time of the prayer.
  • Each beam issued by the watch contains approximately 16 light beams that appear vertically up to tens of kilometers, and have a power of 10 kW.
  • The call to prayer is from the top of the clock, so that the call to prayer reaches a distance of seven kilometers from the Holy Mosque by means of special loudspeakers.
  • The top of the watch contains the equivalent of 21,000 light bulbs that emit brilliant radiant lighting of green and white at the time of the call to prayer, and can be seen clearly up to 32 kilometers from the tower.
  • The backgrounds of the watch in the day time differ from the night in terms of colors.
  • The clock tower holds the largest crescent in the world, 601 meters from the surface of the sanctuary.
  • Each interior of the tower contains a group of rooms for operation, maintenance and service, similar to the ship design style, as well as each elevator tower intersects to transport visitors through the balcony of the tower.
  • The walls of the towers are surrounded by motifs that express ancient heritage and Islamic teachings.

We note that a German company, under the supervision of Bin Laden Company, with the assistance of about 250 specialists and technicians, completed the towers with the help of seven tower cranes for construction work.


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